Northwest Raves is a mail-list dedicated to electronic music and the surrounding culture. There are approximately 700 members from many parts of the world, but the focus of the discussion is on the Northwest U.S. and Canada (Seattle,WA - Vancouver,BC - Victoria,BC - Portland,OR - Eugene,OR - Spokane,WA - and other surrounding cities.)

This forum is a valuable communication tool to discuss issues relating to the scene - music, promoters, dj's and producers, events, etc. We ask that you please read the List Guidelines before subscribing - they help keep the list an enjoyable and useful place for all of us.

For those who may be visiting the Northwest, we have provided a directory of people, businesses, and event promoters, many of whom are subscribed to the list (although some are not). The white pages list locations and contact information for dancers in the Northwest. The yellow pages have addresses and information on local businesses which are of interest to the electronic music community (cafes, record stores, clothing stores, etc.) The event calendars list weekly events and one-night events in the area.

From time to time, members of this list get together and produce our own events. These events give talented local DJ's and producers a chance to showcase their skills, as well as providing a space for subscribers to meet each other and promote the community. Some of the recent list events have been called "PLUR" - which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

Listmembers also gather for pre-meets before events, dinner parties, movies, dj workshops, and other occasions. Many subscribers see this list as a family.