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Once again Seattle will be host to the semi/bi annual gathering of freaks and computer nerds, ravers and krusty cynics, newbies and oldies, highschoolers and ph.d's, men and women, aliens and mitochondria, turbucolosis and juice called...


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seattle northwest raves party 1999
DATE: JANUARY 30, 1999

Planners on the "PLR" list have been hard at work and preparing for the best, most remembered event of the year...just remember that spastic fun from past events !

"martin that was the best set i ever heard you play. toiletduck, be prepared to come up and play in van. grover, very smooth."    

"(You don't know how excited I am to be typing this... or maybe you do! *grin*)

On January 17th, 1998, the anniversary of the first PLUR party your list friends in Seattle invite you to... __SeattlePLUR II__"    
<david groovin' 2012>

It is difficult to put this party into words, it was almost trancendent and surreal...I feel like I cant properly do it justice! The vibe and love given off at this party was so intense that I was filled with positive energy all nite long even though I wasnt Enhanced so to speak. :)"
<Cecilia (Luna)>

"angelika i think you broke my neck."   

"i think that all of the DJ's spun incredible sets! i would imagine that from teh DJ's perspective, it is more inspirational, and you pull more out of th depths of your soul, when you play at a party for your family, rather than a performance for strangers who only want to be entertained."
<paul aka bright boy>

"The richness of the feeling came from the absorption of this incredibly deep appreciation for the fact that all of us who share something special in common happened to be in one physical space @ the same time.  Like I may have mentioned b4, I am a very physical person, and I relate to my world in a very physical way, so this just blew my mind."

".....oh yeah! PLUR98! Right. It was a load of fun... maybe even two loads!"