List Guidelines

The NorthWest-Raves Mailing List provides a forum in which members can read and post about the rave related community issues we have in common.

To protect our mailboxes from overflowing, there are posting guidelines for this un-moderated Mailing List to which we ask our membership to adhere. These guidelines are posted to the Mailing List for your memory-jogging enjoyment periodically. Send questions to Qathi Gallaher or Kimberley Dietemann

To remove yourself from the list, send e-mail to: with the following in the body of your message: unsubscribe nw-raves or unsubscribe nw-raves-digest.

  1. Encouraged subjects
  2. Discouraged subjects
  3. General netiquette
  4. Subject headers
  5. Don't use "attachments"
  6. Members only

#1 Encouraged Subjects

Please DO post your succinct questions and answers, announcements about events and your input on discussions of raves related issues. As long as the topic is rave-related, and your TOPIC clearly defined in your SUBJECT line, it is acceptable (exceptions noted below).

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#2: Deliberately Avoided Subjects

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#3: General Netiquette

  • When replying to an article, only quote the portions that are absolutely necessary to help the reader and delete the rest.

  • Be careful to send listserv commands to the right e-mail address, which is Using listserv commands such as "subscribe" "unsubscribe" and "help" will cause your posting to bounce.

  • Send list mail to

  • Lots of communication to other people on the list can be accomplished through personal e-mail. Don't reply to the list unless you think your mail would be helpful and of interest to the majority.

  • Do not send copyrighted material, instead use an excerpt/quote from the material and include the URL.

  • Include the http:// part of the URL in your e-mail messages about sites for the convenience or readers with smart mail applications. Example: instead of

  • Be civil! Mean people suck. Excessive rude or mean behavior is discouraged.

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#4: Subject headers

Each post to the list should contain a subject header, in brackets, in the subject line. These can be used in combination to best categorize your post, such as [EVT][REV][NRRD] the subject headers will make it much easier for people to filter, scan, read and delete list mail as it suits them.

Headers marked with an asterisk are new(er) and are not official.

[EVT] Event
  [ANC] Anchorage
  [CAL] Calgary, Alberta
  [EDM] Edmonton
  [EUG] Eugene
  [MOS] Moscow
  [PDX] Portland
  [SEA] Seattle
  [SPO] Spokane
  [VAN] Vancouver
  [VIC] Victoria
[BSP] Blatant Self Promotion
[REV] Event, music, [NRRD] Review etc.
[411] info request
*[FLM] Flame, discouraged take it off list if you must
*[4SALE] equipment, rekkids and the like
*[NRRD] Northwest Rave Restaurant Dinner
*[MUSIC] pointers to audio files on the web or used in conjunction with [REV]

example combo headers

and of course

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#5: Avoid sending email attachments

Don't send email attachments to list posts. Instead, provide the data as text in the message of your post, offer to provide the data to those who request it, or put it up on the web for voluntary download. Not everyone has the ability to read attachments, nor do we all wish to grab the typically high-byte files over our skinny home modem lines.

Do not send mail as .html files (check your mail program's preferences).

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#6: Members Only!

No posts to the list are to be forwarded without the expressed permission of the originator.

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