Mosaic - Baltimore, MD - 02.12.96

Mosaic was the first party organized by members of the ne-raves mailing list. The Baltimore warehouse location was donated by lonnie from Ultraworld.

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pictures by jammin' james e:

mosaic58.jpg Craig D. warmin' things up
mosaic59.jpg Sista Spinsta meltin' 'da wax
mosaic60.jpg Always better late - Scott Henry
mosaic61.jpg Jumpin' and pumpin' 'da jungle - Timestretch and MC Method One
mosaic62.jpg Frequency M layin' down 'da acid!
mosaic63.jpg Method One slidin' in 'da ambient jungle
mosaic64.jpg With his shining halo of sweet sound - Will-E
mosaic65.jpg Count Zero workin' us in to a chill groove
mosaic66.jpg Fluid looks up from his ambient landscapes
mosaic67.jpg Lovegrove works his magic!
mosaic68.jpg Babylon smilin' over one awesome chill set
mosaic69.jpg Infinity sweetly drivin' us home
mosaic70.jpg Have a hug, smile, badge, and tape!
mosaic71.jpg Dancin' in da main room without a net!
mosaic72.jpg 'Da Chill Room - For those who have had just too much excitement
mosaic73.jpg Why I remember my first rave! - Andrew Sewell and Jammin'
mosaic74.jpg Our resident air traffic control raver - Bob Baxter
mosaic75.jpg The men responsible for our night out - Dan Freelove and Lonnie
mosaic76.jpg NYC represented by smiles! - Hugh and Mattie
mosaic77.jpg Have a sticker and a smile - Jammin' with Jenka
mosaic78.jpg The omnipotent Dr. Jesus - Keith Flippin'
mosaic79.jpg The Badge Patrol! - 'Da Info Goddess, Jeremy, and little furry friend
mosaic80.jpg So nice to see you! - Monica and Gator give Kenji a phat hug
mosaic81.jpg Kittyn and phriends with Crunchy peekin' from behind
mosaic82.jpg Jammin', Piper, and 'da Twizzler posin' for 'da camera!
mosaic83.jpg Sheraz, once a rave virgin, now bringin' his friends too.
mosaic84.jpg Octavia gettin' 'da real scoop from our great host SpikE
mosaic85.jpg The Upstate NY Vibe! Karen M, Obin, ?, and Twizzler
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