Mosaic - Baltimore, MD - 02.12.96

Mosaic was the first party organized by members of the ne-raves mailing list. The Baltimore warehouse location was donated by lonnie from Ultraworld.

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pictures by proby:

vflyer the virtual flyer
flyer01.jpg mosaic flyer
mosaic90.jpg crunchie and sarahd
mosaic91.jpg dan deliverance
mosaic92.jpg chris green
mosaic93.jpg crisbee, ben, ?, our deevah
mosaic94.jpg ?, spike, barnes, sarahs
mosaic95.jpg dance floor
mosaic96.jpg gator, hugh, and others
mosaic97.jpg nicole and friends
mosaic98.jpg kittyn!!
mosaic99.jpg kodak
mosaica01.jpg crisbee, liz
mosaica02.jpg morning
mosaica03.jpg ngoc
mosaica04.jpg nodog
mosaica05.jpg sasha
mosaica06.jpg sista spinsta
mosaica08.jpg velure
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