Mosaic - Baltimore, MD - 02.12.96

Mosaic was the first party organized by members of the ne-raves mailing list. The Baltimore warehouse location was donated by lonnie from Ultraworld.

proby's craig's bob baxter's liz's jammin' james e's terminator ed's

pictures by bob baxter:

mosaic25.jpg Michael Hauben
mosaic26.jpg Michael Hauben and Bob Baxter
mosaic27.jpg Tom Rothrock, ?? Energized dancer, Crisbee
mosaic28.jpg Liz Boyle, Terminata Ed, Jill (Jell-O) and Ngoc
mosaic29.jpg Liz and her wife :)
mosaic30.jpg Kitten
mosaic31.jpg Sista Spinsta
mosaic32.jpg Jammin James E
mosaic33.jpg Eric Balasbas in front, Stefan Stasik (Chez) in back
mosaic34.jpg Scott Henry
mosaic35.jpg Babylon in the ambient room
mosaic36.jpg Rachel Harre
mosaic37.jpg YY in front, Rachel in back
mosaic38.jpg Crowd shot
mosaic39.jpg Meighan
mosaic40.jpg Another crowd shot
mosaic41.jpg ??, YY, Rob Rousseau
mosaic42.jpg Frequency M
mosaic43.jpg Steve Floro (Junglist DBF)
mosaic44.jpg Jason (Method One) spinning
mosaic45.jpg That Chris Green guy
mosaic46.jpg Hugh from Panix
mosaic47.jpg Alan (Fluid) Parry and ??
mosaic48.jpg The true tapestry
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