Rave Mail Lists

Last Edited: May 5th, 1997


This is the list of Rave-related Mail Lists (RML). The RML is meant to be used as a reference for techno/rave mail lists and is updated when new information is discovered or reported. Please mail any pertinent information to thigpen.

Some Common Misconceptions:

The RML is not a mail list! It cannot be subscribed too. It is simply an index to mail lists.
The RML is not a list of parties! I find it somewhat difficult to believe anyone could know about every party anywhere. So, please don't ask me to give you a list of parties on a certain weekend in or around your area -- simply because I have absolutely NO clue. However, we do have a mechanism here at Hyperreal that may help. Check out the G.R.I.D and search for parties in your area.

Obtaining fresh copies:

You can also check out the "alt.rave FAQ" or the "List of Music Mailing Lists" available at hyperreal.org as /raves/altraveFAQ Plus, there is the colossally huge "List Of Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists", which is available on several newsgroups, including news.announce.newusers, or by FTP at rtfm.mit.edu in /pub/usenet/news.answers/mail/. Another good source of this kind of information is the newsgroup rec.music.info.

Regional Rave-Related Mail Lists

AdRave Adelaide, Australia area adrave@bkroom.apana.org.au
Az-Raves Arizona majordomo@getnet.com
AusRave Australia majordomo@student.adelaide.edu.au
BelRave Belgium majordomo@dma.be
Boston-Raves Boston boston-raves-request@www.ccs.neu.edu
BR-Raves-l Brazil listproc@inf.ufsc.br
DCRaves Washington, D.C. area dcraves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Derave Deutchesland Raves de-rave-request@myplanet.tue.sub.org
Destiny Toronto area destiny@passport.ca
FLRaves Florida fl-raves-request@cat.net
Idio-Audio Toronto's Indie/Experimental Music list majordomo@lglobal.com
Lowlands Netherlands lowlands-subscribe@hyperreal.org
MO-Raves Missouri mo-raves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
MTN-Raves Mountain/Southwestern USA mtn-raves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
MW-Raves Midwestern USA (D) mw-raves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
MW-Raves-Calendar Midwestern USA Calendar mw-raves-calendar-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Netraver South African Netraver Mail List listproc@rave.org.za
NE-Raves Northeastern USA ne-raves-request@majordomo.std.com
NE-Raves-Calendar Northeastern USA Calendar ne-raves-calendar-subscribe@hyperreal.org
NYC-Raves New York City nyc-raves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
NW-Raves Northwestern USA & W.Canada nw-raves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
PB-Cle-Raves Pittsburgh & Cleveland pb-cle-raves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Purdue-Raves Purdue University wells@physics.purdue.edu
SE-Raves Southeastern USA listserv@american.edu
SFRaves San Francisco Bay area sfraves-subscribe@hyperreal.org
SFRaves-Calendar San Francisco Bay area Calendar sfraves-calendar-subscribe@hyperreal.org
SoCal-Raves Southern California socal-raves-request@ucsd.edu
Texas Raves Texas txraves-request@io.com
UK-Dance UK raves & dance music listserv@tqmcomms.co.uk
WNYSO-Raves Western NY & Southern Ontario listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu
Zappo Japan majordomo@iijnet.or.jp

Social Mail Lists

Geriatric Ravers The "Older" school generation oldschool-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Technocult cultural practices involving music LYSLOFF@vms.cis.pitt.edu

Equipment and Hardware

Analogue Heaven analogue gear (D) majordomo@hyperreal.org
EMAX-II E-mu EMAX II sampler users emax-request@prudence.hpl.hp.com
EPS Ensoniq EPS samplers eps-request@reed.edu
Rave Tech Technical problems/questions about lighting, sound, composition. listserv@acs.brockport.edu
QuadraVerb Alesis QuadraVerb units qv-request@swap.eng.sun.com
Synth-L miscellaneous gear listserv@american.edu

Artist & Genre Specific Mailing Lists

313 Detroit Techno (D) 313-subscribe@hyperreal.org
4-AD-L 4AD Records label listserv@american.edu
808 State 808 State <see ZTT>
Acid Jazz Acid Jazz listserv@ucsd.edu
Ambient Ambient music (D) ambient-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Art of Noise The Art of Noise <see ZTT>
Beloved The Beloved beloved-request@phoenix.oulu.fi
Bong Depeche Mode bong-request@lestat.compaq.com
Breaks Jungle, Drum & Bass, Hardcore majordomo@xmission.com
Cumulonimbus The Orb majordomo@xmission.com
Goa Goa/Psychedelic Trance majordomo@party.net
Orbital Orbital majordomo@xmission.com
DJ Trax DJ-Trax 12" Update jcavery2@pegasus.rutgers.edu
Drone On... Droning guitar/psych music droneon-request@ucsd.edu
EMDreams Electronic Dreams members emdreams-request@cs.uwp.edu
Enigma Enigma listserv@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au
Eno-L Brian Eno nerve-net-request@udlapvms.pue.udlap.mx
Erpnotes Ozric Tentacles ozric-request@toys.fubarsys.com
Escape fr. Noise Miscellaneous industrial efn-request@wvolusia.oau.org
Funky Music Funk, hip-hop, soul funky-music-request@hyper.lap.upenn.edu
Gabber Gabber gabber-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Happy Happy Hardcore / 4-Beat happy-request@io.com
IDM Intelligent Dance Music (D) idm-subscribe@hyperreal.org
Space Music Space Music space-music-request@cs.uwp.edu
TaDream Tangerine Dream tadream-request@cs.uwp.edu
Trance Trance listproc@lists.colorado.edu
Trancentral The Klf majordomo@xmission.com
UK-Dance UK raves & dance music listserv@orbital.demon.co.uk
YELLO Yello majordomo@uwp.edu
YMO Yellow Music Orchestra majordomo@indiana.edu
ZTT ZTT record label majordomo@xmission.com


BPM DJ discussion listproc@dhp.com

Some Special Notes


<see description below>
ear-rational@xmission.com (Dave Steinhart)
Not really a reflector, EAR/Rational is an alternative music mail order service run by Dave Steinhart. Further information is available in the catalogs. You can obtain catalogs by sending mail to ear-rational@xmission.com with the appropriate Subject:
           catalog          current catalog, GNU-Zipped and uuencoded
           catalog-ascii    current catalog, straight text (very long)
           sale-list        sale list portion of current catalog

I.R.S. (Innovative Record Source)

poepping@miller.cs.uwm.edu (Todd Poepping)
Not really a mailing list, I.R.S. is a dance music mail order service geared toward techno, ambient, and IDM fans in the U.S. You can receive Innovative Info, a biweekly list of new imports you can order, with short descriptions of each item, by sending mail to Todd and asking to be added. Specify which lists you want to receive: CD, Vinyl, or both.

New/Upcoming Releases

datta@cs.uwp.edu (Dave Datta)
Not really a reflector, this list distributes Dave Dooley's new & upcoming release listings. Many kinds of popular music releases are included in the list, which gets its information from various sources like major label press releases and subscribers of mailing lists who have "inside information". The New & Upcoming Releases list is regularly posted to rec.music.info, so you should only subscribe to this list if you don't have news access. Archives available at ftp.uwp.edu.

Resonance Records

RESONANCE RECORDS has now got a mailing list going for people who want to receive their on-line catalog weekly of dance music, including: Jungle, Trance, Progressive House, Ambient, Garage, House, Trip Hop, Acid, Hardcore, Tribal, and Techno.

Some Netiquette Tips

  1. If you want to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a mailing list, your *last* option is to send mail to the list itself. In most cases you should first try to send mail to the Contact address. The Contact address, usually <listname>-request, is normally either an alias for the list administrator's account or an automated server. Give your request time to be processed.
  2. If archives and other list files are available via anonymous FTP or through Gopher, do everything you can to access them via those channels. Only bug the list administrator to email you files if you have absolutely no other way of retrieving the files.
  3. Don't crosspost. Don't post to a mailing list before you have subscribed to the list. Some lists won't even allow posts from people who aren't subscribed because such posts tend to be rather annoying.
  4. As tempting as it is to shout something all over the net, crossposting to dozens of different lists is definitely a no-no, especially if you are just asking a question. Only do such a thing if you are *sure* the listmembers would be interested in what you have to say. A good example would be when you want to inform people about a new FTP site you've established, or when you want to point people to a survey or something you've posted somewhere else. Even then, people will get annoyed.
  5. If you don't like a list for any reason whatsoever, just unsubscribe. Don't post to the list saying how much you hate it.

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