History of Texas Raves:

Texas Raves began on November 28, 1995. Originally the main subscriber base was about 20 diehard people who would gather together and talk about how they coul dget a party scene going in a dead town. Now the list has about 500 or so users. The list has created many new friendships, romances, and careers. It has been a wonderful outlet and support base for ravers around Texas. May it continue to thrive and grow and be a place for showing people that respect and love are all important.

Previous List Owners:
Noah Lee - Started TxRaves
Bill Bradley

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Welcome to txraves! First off, be warned. This is a high-traffic list, averaging 100+ posts a day. If you don't think you can handle that, then unsubscribe now by sending an email to:

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It can be overwhelming for someone not used to a high volume of email, but if you think you can deal with it, by all means stay on the list. This list is intended to be a discussion of parties in the state of Texas and all related topics. Many times it's not on topic, but in amongst all of that
there are actually rave-related posts(heaven forbid). You will meet some very interesting people on here, some you will agree with and others you might not. Just remember to keep it all in perspective, after all this is just a mailing list not real life. =p Anyway, let's get to the details:

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Anyway, enjoy the list. If you have questions email me at brashear@onramp.net and I'll help you out if I can. Have fun! Sincerely,

Jonny Brashear Dionysos/DJ Mythic
Owner, Rosebud Productions
txraves list manager

Tuesday, May 8, 2001 2:35 AM
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