Charles Uzell Edwards(San Francisco / FAX Label)

An audio prankster of the higest order, Charles Uzell Edwards has the unique capacity to invoke the deepest of psychdedelic thoughts while making us grin the whole time. His numerous recordings on the pioneering FAX label and work with the mega-millenium-pop-group Electrosex have established CUE at the forefront of fucked-up groovy vibes. Be sure and replace the chalice when you peer into his universe....
Multicast (Boulder / Oblique)
Boulder's ambient/IDM pioneers, Multicast are also the hearts and minds behind the Obliq label. Recently appearing on a compilation with the Black Dog, Multicast will be performing live.
Jon Sheffield (Columbia / Sparkling Beatnik)
Travelling to nowhere from Columbia, MO in a van packed full of synthesizers and assorted electronic noise makers, Jon will quietly drop the headfuk bomb. Quirky yet powerfully deep intelligent dance music is part of Jon's trademark sound. Soon to release his third CD for the Sparkling Beatnik label, he'll be treating us with a special live performance.
Brian Behlendorf (San Francisco / Hyperreal)
First the founder of the sfraves mailing list, then hyperreal.org (and then this other thing) Brian almost single-handedly channeled the phenomenon known as net.raving to this planet. He'll be dropping an irie set of blissed-out dubby beats.
Mike Brown (San Francisco / Hyperreal)
The other guy at hyperreal.org, Mike Brown is responsible for hyperreal's extensive music archives. Mike is also a trainspotter's trainspotter. He'll be drawing from his extensive collection of music you've never heard to deliver an edumacational set of epic proportions.
Robataille & Clint (St. Louis / Innerplane)
The Masters of Smack-Fu and Lounge-Core from St. Louis will be spinning a massive 5-hour tag-team set of trip-hop, drum n bass, ambient, IDM, and other assorted weirdness. True old-skoolers from back in the day, this deadly duo has been fucking minds in the midwest since 92. It's all about the smack for these vibe ninjas.

Moth (Boulder / Live PA)

skYYlight (San Francisco/ Electroradio)

Element (Boulder / immersiveArts)

Phase (Kansas City / Morphing Cloud)

Shango Los (illuminationPositive!)

e23 and his bestest buddies (Boulder / RadioValve)

Relay (Chicago / Silent Cooperative)

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