New Moon in June, 1996

The New Moon in June, 1996 was held at a beach far north of the City in Sonoma County. We'd done a summer event there two years in a row and we had dreamed all year of going out there again for another all-night rave festival. The spot is not really legal for throwing parties, but we lucked out because the rangers didn't tell us to leave. Rumor has it that they came to the parking lot and considered giving people tickets, but after conferring with their superiors, they decided to let us alone. Over 200 people showed up to the party, but luckily there were no problems with the official guardians of the beach. People treated the spot with love, and we are very grateful to everyone that helped clean up and who respected the awesome beauty of the place.

As always, this party was a collaborative effort among many folks. Many thanks are due to Tim, aka Knucklehead, for bringing his shade tent and for helping transport the system in his trusty vehicle. Thanks are also due to P., for buying turntables and a mixer for the Collective, and to Greg S., for loaning out his speakers and amplifier. And to Jason and friends, who cooked up breakfast on the beach. And to Ronan and P., for helping plan the party and for watching over the event as it unfolded through the night. And to Wayne and Gregg for loaning us sundry items. And to Steve, for bringing his van, taping the party, and for looking out for the generator all night long. And to the dj's that treated us to over 16 hours of music. And to Ann, for serving as the party coordinator for this event. And thanks especially to the dedicated party-goers that helped haul equipment to and from the site.

DJ's that played included: Clair, Bonny, Tracy, Jim Cyr, Roger, Tom, and BioJeff. We started the night out with music from Bonny and Ronan, followed by a trance set from Jim Cyr. DJ Tracy ended the night with an absolutely awesome, fast and housey set that defies description. Roger and Clair then played some beautiful ambient sounds, followed by Ronan and Tom. Dj BioJeff arrived in the early afternoon and played a fun house set for the tired all-nighters and for some energized folks that arrived that day.

One thing that made the party special was the opening and closing ceremonies guided by Maureen, who also helped set up the altar. In the dark of the moon, it provided a focus of love for the party.

Here are some reviews of the event that were posted to the Sfraves mailing list.

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