New Moon in June, 1996

Well, it's been a while since I've posted. For personal reasons I had to divert my attention from the rave scene for a while, so when it finally got to be too much and I had to let loose, I made sure to pick a place where I knew there would be good friends and a good time waiting. I also had to choose carefully since I was bringing a friend that had never raved, and I wanted her to meet the coolest people around, my rave buddies.

I was not disappointed.

The good: The location was *gorgeous*! Cliffs, huge rocks, a night so clear you could see the Milky Way and bajillions of stars. Everyone told me they saw shooting stars, but I'm afraid I missed them. I was tuned into some very good beats. I found that dancing in the sand wasn't so bad, but putting down some cardboard first makes things a lot easier. Waves crashing down on the beach. As daylight took over, the huge rocks in the ocean, the cliff and the hills behind appeared, grey and mysterious in the mist. Rather ethereal and mystical. There was, I think, about 70 people there? A little alter, a DJ tent, a fire, and so much wonderful vibe.

The bad: First let me say, this location was WAY THE HELL OUT THERE! Dang, folks, surely there's got to be a spot like this a little closer to Frisco. Driving up to San Fran is bad enough. Having to drive another hour and 1/2 beyond that is HELL. And that was the *only* thing bad about this rave.

The people: I knew at least half the people there, and that was a first. Rikki was cutting it up with glo sticks. Wayne was there with Marcy. Leslie showed some killer moves. Tim was doin' the rastah thing on his anniversary. And Shawna was there, with wonderful hugs! Renaud was there with Jess. Jess was playing it low key -- poor baby has been brutalized by finals. She spent a large part of the evening sitting bundled up by the fire and snoozing in her sleeping bag. Met Aleph. A very quiet, sweet guy. My friends loved the rave, including the rave virgin. I think she'll be up
for trying out more of this wonderful scene.

The vibe: Heck, I met a ton of people, and I got nothing but really, really good feelings the whole night. Big grins, plenty of hugs, chatting with good people. And when I'm getting good feelings, I get tons o' energy. I was kicking around nearly all night long. Around the fire, in front of the
DJ, down to the water and back again. Bopping and grinning...

The discovery: Leslie and I discovered the bones of the elusive Treeasaurus on that beach. The Treeasaurus was the dominant life form during the Driftocene era. We discovered several bones including a tooth. We determined that the Treeasauruses were the greatest lovers of that era. In
fact, we determined the the tooth was probably ripped out during a particularly intense sexual encounter between two Treeasaurs. It's a well known fact that the Treeasaurs, as they evolved, took sex to it's ultimate, slow, funky groove. In fact, their descendants, the trees, are having sex all the time around us, but at this point it goes so slowly we can't see it. One day the entire earth will shudder slightly and all the trees will be seen shortly afterwards smoking huge cigarettes...

The hamstas: I get home to find that the hamstas have cut loose as well. Coming up the stairs I passed several bleary eyed hamstas with little rolled up sleeping bags and backpacks on their way out. I go inside and look around. Apparently I left the glass door open and they discovered it. Of
course the balcony was the perfect spot for a tiny little new moon rave, so they called all their friends (not easy - it takes two of them to work the phone) and the lugged all their equipment out onto the balcony. When I got home, there were tiny sleeping bags and tents all over the balcony, two
little altars decorated with peanuts, sesame seeds, and little bits of incense, and a small group of very tired hamstas still bopping in a tight group next to the turntables. A handful of them had scaled the railing and were sitting on top of it watching the sun come up, wiggling their pink toes and cleaning each other. It all looked very cozy and cool, so I left them to it and went to bed.

Thank you all.



still way behind on sleep, trying again to adjust to being back in the 9-5 headspace after an incredible weekend..

after playing phone tag with roger for a very long time, we managed to hook up and leave berkeley around 8:30, which put us at goat rock just as it was getting (extremeley) dark. not many people were there when we showed up, the fire was just being built and the stars just beginning to poke out.

right away i met lots of folks, i'm bad with names so i won't even try it :) the site was astoundingly beautiful, i loved being able to take a break from dancing or fire-gazing (i spent most of the night doing one of the two) and go watch waves.. the music i liked, but didn't feel too drawn to the speakers till tracy came on, which was good because about then i was wishing i'd brought a few more layers!

some cool moments: running up and down the beach with glowsticks-on-strings..thanks to whoever let me play with theirs :) eating a perfectly crisp apple with pete (are you on the list?)
seeing everyone's faces as morning happened noticing strangers pick up on my afterglowey smile once back in berkeley

the only regret i had is having to leave to make the free tibet show, and not making it in time to help set up (next time!)

thanks so much to everyone who helped make the experience..

have a great week folks,


You know, sometimes we need reminders that raving is not only about having fun (though we all love that part too). Sometimes it's about something else.

I'd like to thank the New Moon crew for providing a sacred environment for an amazing night under the stars (at least until the mist/fog came in around 4), with the ocean and the rocks. Maureen led a beautiful ceremony to open, that helped us be aware of what the new moon is about, new beginnings, and to help us acknowledge what we wanted to create with the night, and with our lives.

To me, the night was similar to the new moon itself, where you can't see what is happening, but have to trust the cycles of the universe, and know that the shining moon will return again.

Usually, when my state is altered, I am open to insights and epiphanies that really change my perceptions in positive ways. And because I have a lot of transition in my life right now, I was hoping for that.

But Saturday, I was more introspective, and not fully aware of what was happening for me. It was almost like I had stepped into a place where I could think about what I need to think about, decide what I need to decide, see what I need to see ... but it's all done one level under your conscious awareness. I could feel the gears working, but wasn't sure what the machine was

I do know that I had a truly magical experience (I met a young woman whose family lives 2 miles down the road from my family's dairy farm in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee -- and I mean nowhere -- and she's visiting there next month, and will visit my mom's grave for me) -- and I know, as we like to say, that it's all good.

For those of you who haven't made the trek out to this kind of party, try it next time. Yes, it's a haul, and yes, it can get hella cold out there ... but when you are laying on your back watching the milky way slowly move across the sky and satellites are criss-crossing slowly in different directions, and you're hearing the most beautiful trance and tribal hypnotic beats,it's totally worth it.

L. : )

(And now back to our regularly scheduled club scene!)

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