What's so special about this city?

We've been soliciting people to give us detailed accounts of the scenes in their cities. So far, the response has been lukewarm at best. If you would like to contribute, please send us mail at one of the addresses below. We'll stick your name in the list of contributors and maybe send you a mix tape or something

The scene reports which have been done up right are marked with red balls (asterisks for text only web viewers). The ones which are just the info off of the mw-raves ftp site are marked with green balls.

The mw-raves travel guide has information about:

o Ann Arbor
* Chicago
* Cincinnati
o Cleveland
o Columbus
o Dayton
* Detroit
* Indianapolis
o Kalamazoo
o Kansas City
o Milwaukee
o Minneapolis
o Muncie
o Omaha
o Pittsburgh
o St. Louis
Last Updated 6/10/94
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