Indianapolis is home to a surprisingly lively scene, with a vibe largely untainted by the cynicism and attitude common in some of the bigger cities. The main promoter here is SIN productions, who is reponsible for most of the events around here as well as the bi-weekly Nocturna. (Rumor has it that SIN productions will no longer be running Nocturna, so it may not be happening by the time you read this. Call the number above for details.)

There are several good local DJs, but the big attraction here is David Hollands (actually from Muncie, but who's counting...), who spins an eclectic mix of hard trance and progressive. Mike Schroff is another up and coming dj who seems to have good taste in music and good skills.

The club scene, however, is abysmal, featuring such up-to-date music as "Headhunter" by Front 242 and "James Brown is Dead". Avoid.

Info Lines

SIN productions: 317.895.4546

Last Updated 6/23/94