FresnoRaves is a mailing list for discussing the rave and underground club scene in the Fresno area.

Appropriate topics include:
  • Announcements of upcoming events in the Fresno area
  • Reviews of shows/raves/DJs/new music/etc.
  • Rave-culture
  • Local radio shows and stations that play rave and techno
  • Where to find the music, clothes, etc.
  • Rave picnics and other non-rave rave-related events
  • Related cultural topics
  • Rave-related stories on local TV stations or newspapers
  • Personal introductions and socializing, to a degree
  • Other goings on, to a degree
  • Making music, gear, etc. (although there are other lists more appropriate for this)
    …and almost anything else rave related or related to the local scene.

  • Inappropriate topics/activities include:
  • Sending files (GIFs, JPGs, WAVs, executables, etc.) or attachments to the list