Rave Flyers Gallery - non-UK 1988-1989

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Freedam - Trance II        Spectrum, Ibiza (front)
Freedam - Trance II
fri 9th Dec 1988
Amsterdam, N'lands
Extatic Productions
(3 day travel event)
Spectrum - Ibiza '88'
sat 24th September 1988
Ibiza, Spain
(1 week travel event)
Freedam - Trance II    Spectrum, Ibiza (inner)   

Pyramid        Exodus        The Great Escape
sat 20th May 1989
Paris, France
Spectrum PR / Pure
(overnight travel event)
fri 27th May 1989
Amsterdam, N'lands
(4 day travel event)
The Great Escape
Jun 1989
Ibiza, Spain
Heat Rave
(package holidays)
Pyramid    Exodus   

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