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downloadable rave flyer database files

information on  36,000  rave flyers (80% UK, 9% US, 11% other) covering drum&bass garage house jungle techno & trance events from about 60 countries, 1988-2007 -- next update due August 2012


fldbf036.zip - March 2007 (zipped 2MB, unzipped 9MB)

zip for FLYERS.DBF, a text-only dBASE file for use with database and spreadsheet programs such as ACCESS, dBASE, FOXBASE, EXCEL etc

flsdf036.zip - March 2007 (zipped 2MB, unzipped 9MB)

zip for FLYERS.TXT, plain text version (SDF format: fixed length fields, fields not delimited/separated, each record ending with C/R and L/F, file ends with ASCII 26)

database file structure

field name  field type  field length  comments

DATE        character       11        date in format yyyy/mm/dd
EVENT       character       43        name of event
ORG         character       25        name of promoter
LOCATION    character       45        location of event
SIZE        character       10        size/shape of flyer
DESCRPTN    character       80        graphics/text description
ARTIST      character       20        designer/printer of flyer
COMMENTS    character       16        miscellaneous info

other info

record       1     general file info (filename, date etc)
records   2-53   keys/explanations/abbreviations/credits etc
records    54-    details of individual flyers, 1 flyer per record

approx 82% of the flyers listed are in my personal collection - info for flyers with a "*" after the date has come from various other sources including collectors' lists, online galleries and auctions on eBay.co.uk

records 1-53, fields DATE EVENT ORG have lots of "."s & ","s - useful if indexing or sorting on these fields - database records are currently sorted on fields DATE+EVENT (ascending) - zip files are updated irregularly

maybe one day the database will be x-ref'd with the Hyperreal Flyers Gallery and the UK Rave Flyers Price Guide

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