P4 - Hadley, MA - 02.07.98

Sprockett of Gearhead and Plug-N-Play threw this party in the spirit of the PLUR, PLURAL, and PLURALISM parties.

sprockett's heather's aaron's

pictures by heather anne wright:

p428.jpg Lynda & Nick Harland - 1st snocone booth shift
p429.jpg DJ Area setup (Sprockett, Kira & Steve/DBL)
p430.jpg streaming banners of color
p431.jpg noiselabs crew in full effect!!
p432.jpg noiselab
p433.jpg our very own cosmicstaraver!! :)
p434.jpg noiselab
p435.jpg rya from maine
p436.jpg Mil (Gearhead/Plug-N-Play)
p437.jpg andrew
p438.jpg Ben / Dj Shwilly B kickin' it @ the Afterhours
p439.jpg j** stamas
p440.jpg cosmic star raver & friend
p441.jpg ?, rya, & j**
p442.jpg dancing dudes
p443.jpg dread man
p444.jpg Pezboy at afterhours
p445.jpg Phil, Jay, Cory, SuperGabey at Sprockett's afterhours
p446.jpg Jay -&- Kona (afterhours)
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