P4 - Hadley, MA - 02.07.98

Sprockett of Gearhead and Plug-N-Play threw this party in the spirit of the PLUR, PLURAL, and PLURALISM parties.

sprockett's heather's aaron's

pictures by sprockett:

p401.jpg p4 flyer - front
p402.jpg p4 flyer - back
p403.jpg Stroboscopic (State of Mind Records, New York)
p404.jpg Timestretch (Advance Recordings, Sessionz Boston) and MC Rumble (Sessionz, Boston)
p405.jpg Timestretch (Advance Recordings, Sessionz Boston)
p406.jpg zach fink (Boston, MA)
p407.jpg zach fink (Boston, MA)
p408.jpg Kalyx (Growroom/greenhouse effect, MA)
p409.jpg Sprockett (Gearhead/Plug-N-Play, Western MA)
p410.jpg Sprockett (Gearhead/Plug-N-Play, Western MA)
p411.jpg Omnullus (Greenhouse Effect, Basic Four, Gearhead/Plug-N-Play)
p412.jpg Omnullus (Greenhouse Effect, Basic Four, Gearhead/Plug-N-Play)
p413.jpg Omnullus (Greenhouse Effect, Basic Four, Gearhead/Plug-N-Play)
p414.jpg Pezboy (Activated, Gearhead/Plug-N-Play, Baltimore, MD)
p415.jpg Pezboy (Activated, Gearhead/Plug-N-Play, Baltimore, MD)
p416.jpg Andrea (Faerielael Productions), Pezboy
p417.jpg Kira & Pezboy
p418.jpg Pezboy
p419.jpg Steve/DBL (Power Productions) - The man behind the lights!!!
p420.jpg Josh (Pezboy's Bro) & friend
p421.jpg The Noiselabs Crew
p422.jpg The Noiselabs Crew
p423.jpg The Noiselabs Crew
p424.jpg The Noiselabs Crew
p425.jpg Daniel Shirai & friend
p426.jpg View from the balcony early in the night
p427.jpg Pieced together shots of the dancefloor during Timestretch's set
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