Baby Blue & Big Sekkrit - Worcester, MA - 03.04.95

Baby Blue was one of the giant parties in the New England produced by Primary. Jimmy Hat and Dag (Up N' Atom) threw a pre-party to Baby Blue called The Big Sekkrit. Net ravers met up at after the party for breakfast. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the actual event (Baby Blue) available.

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pictures by dag:

vflyer The Big Sekkrit - virtual flyer
vflyer Baby Blue - virtual flyer
reviews the reviews
bbbs01.jpg Before it all began
bbbs02.jpg The Big Sekkrit
bbbs03.jpg Donato in the main room
bbbs04.jpg Dylan Drazen hits the decks
bbbs05.jpg Timestretch in the main room
bbbs06.jpg Lettuce Bee getting fresh in the chillout room
bbbs07.jpg Donato and Kirsten
bbbs08.jpg Jimmy in the Bass Bin
bbbs09.jpg Jimmy spinnin in the main room
bbbs10.jpg Pistol Pete & Don Yee (88.1FM WMBR Boston)
bbbs11.jpg Ralph Warren, ?, Hein, Bob Baxter
bbbs12.jpg Group photo #1
bbbs13.jpg Group photo #2
bbbs14.jpg Sprockett and his better half
bbbs15.jpg Lettuce and Zoinks
bbbs16.jpg Dylan spinning in the main room
bbbs17.jpg Sprockett's better half, Sprockett, Jenberry
bbbs18.jpg Breakfast after Baby Blue - Denny's
bbbs19.jpg Another breakfast shot - Ian's head, Kristin to his left, Dylan, Hank, Jimmy
bbbs20.jpg Denny's again - Jeannie and Zoinks (w/ glasses) in front, sorry don't know anyone else
bbbs21.jpg Jeannie F. and & Alan Sanctuary
bbbs22.jpg Dag's Baby Blue houseguests
bbbs23.jpg Jennah and the pennstate crew
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