Invocation of Water

Zi Dinger Ani Kia Kanpa BenBadur Kanpa
Spirits of Earth and Sky
Ocean and Storm
remember this act of our creation!
Known only to the most Ancient of civilizations
"All is our relation"
For we are one tribe,
And one nation.

In this hour
From the space between the stars
We unite the power
of Sky and Sea.
Fill our eyes with vision and allow our heart to see.
The river of life in its flow
between these two worlds
to and fro.

For only the heart can give the mind's eye meaning
for any act of true seeing
upon this Web
of the patterns we are weaving.

Be it known through such spheres
as Mercury, Mars and Saturn,
That this Net/Web,
is links to another pattern;
Forever like a wife
it is to the Tapestry of Life.

By our wills be done,
we are the center,
So key the sign,
and then press "Enter".

Hail and Welcome!
Blessed be.

C. Scott Young