Deep Breathing
Chanting: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

Infinite Cretive Consciousness I call on You
Divine wisdom within I call on You..

Once, in a day, or was it an hour,
or was it a thousand years,...
A chord was strck and out chaos,
and out of the infinite nothingness
something arose.
A collection of chemicals once stood upon theshores of a void.
In resonance with the original vibration from wihich all creativity flows-
a standing wave, a concrescence, a drawing together
pushed the envelope wide, crossed the threshhold to life.

From chaos the vibration flows
in waves through time and space.
So, here we stand; complex organizations of living cells,
on the edge of a void, on a wave of concresence,
pushing the envelope wide and,
hand in hand dancing and snging our way through.
We cross the threashod to a new way of being,
another beginning, another resonance,
another song with the same theme.

James Curnow