Some of Eric S. Tiedemann's Freeware

the e7 programming language --
Real-time Lisp as if UNIX and Python won.

libutf8b --
utf-8b codecs for C and Python

utf-8b is a mapping from byte streams to unicode codepoint streams that provides an exceptionally clean handling of garbage (i.e., non-utf-8) bytes (i.e., bytes that are not part of a utf-8 encoding) in the input stream. They are mapped to 256 different, guaranteed undefined, unicode codepoints. This leads to:

Scheme48's Bignums in C++ --

Scheme48's bignums made portable, wrapped in C++, and with an additional rational class.

Python multimap -- a Python version of C++'s multimap

This provides functionality similar to a C++ multimap in Python. It does this by wrapping C++'s multimap in a Python extension module.

Bison in a Box -- a Python parser generator

This parser generator uses bison to generate it's parsing tables. It was motivated by a survey of existing Python parser generators in which I found none that matched the bison/yacc paradigm's combination of performance and expressiveness. Implementation in Python made several useful extensions to that paradigm easy.

oolaboola -- an opensource digital dj tool

This was's Killer App of the Month for August 1999. It's written in Python/GTK+ with C extensions and the multi-threaded C++ dsp in a separate process.


A patch providing a new configuration directive for the apache web server that directs the usertrack module to send cookies only on text/html output. This makes things much more pleasant for visitors who like to reject every cookie individually.


A full-dress GTK+ widget that makes it easy to use the GdkRGB routines for 24-bit color drawing. Also, included is gtklevelhold, a level/hold meter illustrating how to derive from gtkrgb


Weak dictionaries and proxy maps for Python. Magical data structures that can enhance efficiency and consistency.


A MIDI input parser for Python. It's fast (the core parser is in C) and it allows binding callbacks to MIDI messages with great flexibility.

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