September 18, 2004
o9 Headlining Warehouse Party in Orlando
on September 25, 2004
From ezRPM:

Good Hello!

We here at the ezrpm braintrust have been holed up lately, kicking around ideas and experiments to entertain, amuse, enlighten and educate our friends here in the area. And you know what we realized? EVERYTHING CLOSES TOO EARLY. I don't know about you, but on a Saturday night at about 1:30 am, the bars are starting to think about last call, and I'm starting to think about how I can continue to get my party on. And so it goes, thanks to the restrictive drinking laws of Orange County. So that got us to thinking - how can we have an all night party without having to worry about losing someone's liquor license, or bothering someone's neighbors?

And recently, a solution has presented itself.

A good old fashioned warehouse party. And we have found just the place. We have secured a space in downtown Orlando, mere blocks from Orange Ave., where we will be putting on the first all-night electronic show around these here parts for many years.

Of course, it's only fitting that we should make sure that the show we put on is as special as the space. So we searched out the reclusive mad genius of IDM, Schematic's o9. For those that don't know, o9 released a record back in March called "Church of the Ghetto PC," that has been hailed by many as the finest electronic album of 2004.

Reviewer Lee Henderson says of o9, "Church of the Ghetto P.C. is an aural experience of jaw-dropping agog, like reading a new language, a kind of graffiti action-script dedicated to all the industrial back-alley disjecta of our Bill Gates-induced modernity.

Sharing slang with the Schematic crew, o9 can still talk minimal with the Raster-Noton label, noise-therapy with Mego, and knows the uprock narratives of Warp's great masters. o9's voice has the whole idiomatic spectrum intact and yet still the gospel truth is that o9 has a vocabulary all his own.

Nothing can prepare you for his application of shamanistic sound, those calked beats and rhythm clusters, that catechistic technical polish that brings beaming luster to screen-frozen darkness. Church of the Ghetto P.C. is a stunning and convulsive ripple of deep-membrane funk and syntactical synth notes. It's not old school, it's old testament, not high-tech, but high priest. It's as important as the fucking Bible. Cracking the egg code on total beat typography, o9 has written the first hard-driven masterpiece of this new dead-end, face-to-the-terminal century."

Now, when I said "reclusive mad genius," I meant it. o9 doesn't play many shows, and he doesn't come cheap. He has a compunction for private functions rather than public acknowledgement. His music reflects this - you can hear a kind of isolationism in many of his peices, like a solitary meditation on sound. To the best of my knowledge, this is o9's only scheduled performance in the US right now. I also understand that there's a lot of material that's being prepared specifically for this performance, so it's unlikely to ever be replicated again. You'd be doing yourself a great disservice were you to miss this very special performance by this master of aural exploration.

Other performers at this show will include:

Kobalt - slick blips from Miami - live performance

Mr. Antonym (consumer electronics) - IDM, glitchop - live performance

Polygon Panties - electro, minimal, danceable DJ from Orlando

areainformation - cutting edge vinyl jockey with a love of the beat

Xenlab - laptop warrior with a hard drive full of happiness

a_scissors - computer-free electro and conceptual dance music from orlando - live performance

And of course, did I mention that this is an all-night party?

Where, you ask?

On the corner of Church St. & Hughey, at the Temenos theater, aka Joe's NYC bar - this is where it's at, 10pm- 6AM! (it's the building covered in graffitti, across from Lua Loa, totally safe and secure, with fenced parking lot)

Because this is a non-profit performing arts center, we are able to have alcohol all night long, as part of the musical art performance.

To this end, we'll have no less than three kegs of various Shipyard beers on hand, as well as some liquors for your mixed drink pleasure.

To sum up:

EZRPM presents a warehouse party, featuring:
o9 (Schematic, Warp)
Kobalt (mia)
Mr. Antonym (ezrpm, consumer electronics, orl)
Polygon Panties (orl)
areainformation (orl)
Xenlab (ezrpm, orl)
a_scissors (orl)
Saturday, Sept. 25th, 2004 10pm - 6am

Temenos Theater, aka Joe's NYC Bar
- corner of Church St. and Huey, Downtown Orlando

$7, 21+ and $8, 18+

Secure parking on site

more info at:


-Ian Monroe