April 3, 2002
New Marumari CD Featuring Video Remixed By o9
Marumari's new cd, entitled The Remixes, comes out on May 22, 2002 on Carpark Records.

The Remixes CD
Here's an excerpt from the press release:

"the list of remixers reads like a who’s who of marumari’s IDM buddy list: electric company (tigerbeat6), robert lippok (from to rococo rot), casino vs. japan (wobblyhead, city centre offices, and future carpark recording artist), lackluster (defocus), cex (tigerbeat6), greg davis (carpark), l’usine (isophlux, hymen), octopus inc. (kracfive), stars as eyes (tigerbeat6), and colongib (kracfive). The cd also includes the ever-popular "baby m" music video (which made its way onto mtv2 last year), a short video piece about marumari’s dog bacon (with remixed audio by miami’s o9), and mp3s from vim, kettel (planet-mu), multiplex, buddy system, phluidbox, yuppster (8 bit peoples), proem (merck), thug (defocus), and atomly (atomiq)."