October 27, 2001
o9 Live at Cyne Record Release Party on November 2, 2001
Originally posted to IDM by Brock Landers:


CYNE's release "African Elephants" is on a split by Must!Delicious and Rice and Beans or Beta Bodega. Sort of on a "modernized classic hip hop aesthetic with social consciousness" tip. 2 mc's and 2 producers based somewhere in Florida. It's got remixes by Beta Bodega Coalition /??? PH Dee and El Machetero..can anyone confirm their real identities? And a remix by o9 /Schematic, Planet Mu, etc...Void from the Algorithm Crew is a Miami based group consisting of Faust, Plex and Seth P. Brundel (he guy who did the remix on that last Otto Von Schirach ep on Beta Bodega). Impressive production and highly intelligent rhymes, deep and political shit but not in an abstract way more in a direct yet creative way (kind of a modern mix of Brand Nubians 2nd album and X-Clan attitude with an overall Power Rule vibe). Much overdue. At least this what I heard in Miami at the Infiltrate show past March, where they performed along with Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox, Lif, etc.. They have 2 side releases on Counterflow, with a forthcoming release called Defective Experiment......... o9 is up to his usual sickness, getting ready to drop an album on his Must!Delicious label I heard. Looking forward to the show in Gainsville on Sunday, but not the drive.... Anyway if you can't make it out there you can catch some of the guys here in Miami.......

Pre-Infiltrate 4.0::Record release party for CYNE and SFC::Friday November 2

CYNE::Secret Frequency Crew::Algorithm/Void::PH Dee & El Machetero (Beta Bodega Coalition)

DJs: Muet, Induce, mAnuvers, El Viejo del Saco, Seize, Dopamine, merck, meon, a05, plot

11pm sharp / $8 / +18 w/proper id

FM aka Two Last Shoes aka every friday
2826 N.Miami Ave::MIAMI
(305) 576-6333 ext.208 or thanksmalc@yahoo.com

Flyer provided by Mike Gersten.