September 21, 2001
o9 Resource Page Updates
From the Nophi Records website:

"we have a small amount of our old releases left. our electronic catalog is being taken out of production in order to give some attention to indie rock and jazz. buy our old catalog up at super cheap prices, because we need the room."

Apparently the Nophi Compilation One cdr has been priced down to $5.00 USD, and there are only 50 copies of it left for sale. Not sure of the limitation of the original pressing, but I think it was around 100. This compilation features the exclusive o9 song, "Gentle Slopes". Go to for ordering information.

Also, I was wondering whatever happened to the supposed Symbol Sickness release on Nophi Records. I sent in my money for it but never got anything. Later I found out that it had been scrapped. Sadly, the .mp3s have also been taken down.

The Nophi Records page states that the ,mp3-only ep for Symbol Sickness has been `discontinued'. Sounds to me like o9 has been dropped from the Nophi Records roster...

Planet-Mu is releasing their second various artists compilation, called The Cosmic Forces Of Mu on October 15th. It features the o9 song, "No Delay For Days", which is taken from the No Delay For Days / Beat Bot 7" released earlier this year. There is an .mp3 available for download for this track on
Jesse Legg Oh yeah, and here's a picture (albeit intentionally? blurry) of Jesse Legg taken from the o9 section of the Planet-Mu page:
Links that no longer work and will be taken down from the o9 page:

    featured the Symbol Sickness .mp3-only ep

    both featured "Terminal Green"

    both featured "Ladybug Posies (o9 remix)"

    featured the o9 versus trRg .mp3-only album

So really, now there are only two pages that I know of which feature downloadable o9 .mp3s.

That's about it.

And again, I'll have info on an upcoming o9-related release within the next few weeks.