April 27, 2001
Symbol Sickness to be Released On CD And Vinyl
From the Nophi Recordings page at http://www.nophi.net/:

"o9's Symbol Sickness ep to be released on cd. After some deliberation with o9, we have decided to release the previously on-line only release of Symbol Sickness as a cd. The cd will feature the four songs from the online ep in full digital quality, as well as a run of new home-made stickers. 300 copies will be available on May 18 for just five bucks. A 12" release may follow in the Summer.

In other o9 related news, the new Tacklebox ep is available from Must!Delicious records. Tacklebox is 4 tracks of funky-ass roughneck noise in a handy brown carrying case. If you want a copy, email us and we'll tell you where to get it."