April 22, 2001
o9 Live at No Compression Festival on April 28, 2001
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Welcome to the No Compression Festival.

Now confirmed, this is the spot...

Sat. April 28th
9 pm - 2 am + after after party
220 South Warren St.
Syracuse, NY 13210

10,000 sq. foot abandoned bank 10,000 sq. foot abandoned bank
10,000 sq. foot abandoned bank 10,000 sq. foot abandoned bank

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No Compression (general)

Nocompression::cultural_sample::Syracuse, ny. A 3-hour assemblage of (randomly) accepted, collaboratively functioning music, sound, video, performance lending itself to site-specificity in the form of a 10,000 sq. foot abandoned bank. Listserv trolling (www.microsound.org) leading up to a temporary crash community. File overloads lead to new data formations, No Compression leads to new art-formations: temporary servers, background footage from Europe, the Midwest, San Francisco, traces of previous events re-circulated in documentary videos, cd compilations, flyer art, and chance sponsers. Form follows function was a line commonly delivered by the Bauhaus School. 21st-century. "Rescue the arts from the isolation in which they found themselves" was also a common line::in this case no_compression is a unifying framework for a new kind of performance: fictive-glitch: coursing through bodies of texts, sampling into a new machinic theatrics.

Nocompression.listbot.com = overload clearing house

Plug-in, reboot, filter through, file around, go between, functional drop-box for audiodata, videoremix-fodder, syn(th)aesthetic architectural plundering, tapping into the cultural matrix of online and offline for new methods of navigation. Adrian piper uses the phrase ëindexical present‰ for drawing viewers into her artworks: No Compression is a tool, a model for allowing yourself to be navigated by new topographies of media, space, and infrastructure. Interpassive vacant-stares replaced by new vernacular glances. Real-time visual-space collage turns viewers into tactile agents of receptivity.


The story thus far...

For the past 3 years, Syracuse, New York has been home to a phenomenon known as Noisefest. This yearly event which took place in late April was one of the only of its kind to showcase (at the same venue) experimental music, video, and performance from both students at Syracuse University aswell as other members of the community. Carl Diehl and Tim Jaeger diligently put the festival together each year on extremely limited time and budgets, and brought in 7-9 participating acts for each. Last year's show included participation from Ricardo Dominquez of Critical Art Ensemble (www.critical-art.net/) and Brooklyn-based Fakeshop (www.fakeshop.com).

Soon afterwards, Carl Diehl left for San Francisco and began co-mingling with kinaestheticists Century Quartet (www.centuryquartet.com), while Tim Jaeger pursued a slightly more nomadic existence in Vienna, Austria working at KunstRadio (www.kunstradio.at) and Offspace (www.8ung.at/offspace). Arriving back in Syracuse, Tim decided to keep the ball-rolling and turn towards listservs to make up for a dwindling noise-glitch-experimental-performance scene up in Syracuse. The response was unprecedented. On-line data trading from the likes of Vienna's viral robots Fon and the disco-friendly A Satellite Footprint Shop with Nat Hawks of the newly formed guitar-collagists Christian Science Minotaur and his co-conspirators Damien and Leo led to a compilation cd: No Compression.

Shortly thereafter, Tim fell in with the vacant-building hopping collective known as ThiNC (The Institute for a Now Culture) headed by Jake Roberts and Mike Barletta who received NYSCA funding and a 10,000 sq. foot abandoned bank donated to the event. ThiNC are now co-producers and liaisons, acting as cultural backing and promotion-coordinaters.

Cascading drones from V. Stevenson, dub'n'bass ambience from Twine (new cd appearing as part of The Bip-Hop Generation), Scott Allison's hectic IDM, plundered beat-matching from Fucked-Up City (related works on .tiln), dsp compositions from eM (works out on Fallt), electronic madness from La Plage, and a video-retrospective of the last 3 years by Carl Diehl round out the ever-growing list of assemblage-producers. New architectural dimensions replete with sound-collage, performance, and video lead to new chance collaborations, both on-line and off.

The No Compression Compilation

It gave birth to itself...

The No Compression Compilation is a physical manifestation of a one-night electronic music/video fest in Syracuse, NY. Spawned from a listserve designed to organize a single event, No Compression has grown in the span of a couple weeks from a chat-room to a united forum intent on putting the collectiveÍs achievements into tangibility. Submissions for the fest's accompanying compilation began pouring in from across the nation, then around the globe. Featuring artists eclectic in sound design, but united in motivation, this compilation is a testament to creation, a product of the new communication.

Boasting over an hour of material from more than a dozen artists (participants have releases on Underconstructing, Technoh, Werkzeug, Fallt), the No Compression Compilation reveals the next expansion of electronic music and composition. With established artists such as o9 and Twine next to new faces La Plage and Century Quartet, with styles ranging from micro-glitch, to tilted dance, to found-sound-ambience, No Compression offers a concise overview of the current state of underground electronic music in all its leftfield glory.

Participating artists include:

Marc McNulty
v. stevenson
La Plage
Fucked_Up City
Christian Science Minotaur
The Beige Channel
Scott Allison
Satellite Footprintshop
Century Quartet

May we forever wield our new technologies with such grace and purpose.
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