April 21, 2001
Tacklebox E.P. Available from s://kimo
From the latest s://kimo mailout:


o9: Tacklebox EP 12" (MUST!DELICIOUS) $7.15
"Tacklebox, the debut release of the Must!Delicious label, and o9's (Jesse Legg) first EP limited to 500 copies (100 color vinyl), is a bold sonic statement inspired by the mysterious creatures and murky swamps of the Florida Everglades. This square-wave saturated bombshell was created using only an antiquated computer and a rusty mixer. Fans of early Aphex Twin, Spacemen 3, DHR, Mike Paradinas, even Dark Side of the Moon era Pink Floyd, or dirty house music will have something to relate to here. Agit-prop psyche in sound. The jacket art, a silk screen, designed by Hernan Bas and hand-printed by Must!Delicious representatives, compliments the music perfectly. This EP contains 3 new tracks from o9 and a remix by Otto Von Schirach. o9 has several standout tracks on Schematic compilations, a 7" on Planet-Mu, and now this."