Subject: [RAVE] Plurality+Love+Happiness+Huggs
Date: 31 May 1996 22:19:58 GMT

The Vibe Tribe

Ecstasy. Not a drug, a feeling. Overpowering, almost overwhelming joy. Better than life. It is life, the love of living. Pure, untainted, void of the little things which always brings us down. For tonight the world is far, far away and the barriers humanity has constructed around itself are coming down. A temporty autonomous zone. A religious experience; God has come down from the heavens to give YOU a hug. Heaven is here, now and forever. The awakening of the Gaian mind.

Ethereal gossamer energy joining each of the beautiful party people, forming a greater collective conciousness. The positive energy flowing from one bright smile to another speaks of ancient, more innocent times; and possible futures. For this brief instant the active ten percent of the human brain submits to the more primal ninety. A memory of a time before cement cages and aloof societies. A humanity that was a part of the world, not apart of the world. The freedom of living life, the exhilaration of evolving. The global power of all the lifeforces around us, and being one with that energy.

The dance awakens the soul, and the memory that humanity is not the end, just a stepping stone. Never stop moving. Never stop the process of evolution. The energy brings inner growth, the new faces help nurture this growth with their loving smiles and attitudes. It blossoms. The intense rush of awareness as inner peace is found, time stops. The knowledge that creation is not just a cosmic fluke, it is a miracle with active participants. Seeing a possibility for a greater future and taking a chance. Reaching beyond the Moment and building a bridge between Dreams and Reality. Dreams ARE Reality, one of many.

The Dream forms a path to a goal, a vision of a future that can exist. Will exist. This vision is a guide, a friend, a belief, a light to keep the darkness at bay. Hold the vision, hold it tightly, and never let go. Share it with others, some will understand. Hold the vision and spread it with love. Let a warm smile and open arms be its calling card. Give your energy to others and let them bask in its warmth; if it isn't shared it will only whither and die.

Realize that we're all trying to grow, and try to help as many people as possible. Share your love with the people who don't understand; they need it the most. Take care of eachother, but above all, take care of yourself. Strive for immortality through the good memories you leave in your wake. Let people see who you are on the inside, they'll only love you more. The truth will set you free, and always be true to yourself.

This is why I rave. Because I believe. Because I love. Because I live.

                                            NAME DELETED ON REQUEST aka Mr. Happy

Don't worry about saving these songs.
And if one of our instruments breaks
It doesn't matter.
We have fallen into the place where everything is music.