From: (graydon hoare)
Subject: the extended hand
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:29:13 GMT

I have a vision of a future when everyone takes for granted the common path of love, much like today everyone takes for granted a familiarity with the spoken word. Eventually we will all agree on the proper direction and we will soar through space and time bringing our message across the galaxies, and this mission will unite us. We will see that there are no insurmountable tasks, but also that there is no schedule and so it is acceptable for an infinitely large task to take forever, and we will be loving to one another and not power hungry, and we'll be playful, and considerate, and will understand fully the principles of our enlightenment as we explore the inner and outer dimensions. We will not be afraid of the timelessness, or the beginning or end of our individual lives within the species. When people ask me why I rave, I always think that this is what I want to tell them. this is what the music & people are really about.