Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 09:14:11 -0500
Subject: The perfect party: -a sirius message-

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Besides a deejay lineup, what else would create the perfect party for you? Within reason, as in what can actually be doable for a party to be perfect?

I don't know that such a thing as a perfect party exists for me in a rave sense, because when I think of the concept of a "rave" as I have experienced it so far, I think of complete chaos and diversity. I'm not sure that there can be "perfection" along the lines we are walking with an event so chaotic in its nature, and with people as un-united as they are, unless we evolve different forms of the current ecstatic rave experience. (And then I suppose there's always the perspective that the diversity and chaos is perfection, including any confusion or freaky vibes. Hm, there's a novel thought for ya, but I aim high.... or I am high... or something like that.)

But... since someone was kind enough to start this thread and encourage us to dream and focus on what we DO want as opposed to focusing on what we don't want (great idea, considering we tend to get what we focus on), I'll throw my seven cents into the wishing well...

I treasure this diversity and chaos, and I am sure such events will continue in some form or another (they always have), but my 'perfect' party would have to be a slightly modified and more focused form of a rave as we know it today, so you're gonna have to excuse me as I step into a vision I have of a rave in the future. (Or more appropriately, not THE future, but MY future... far be it from me to impose what I will create in my future upon what you choose to create in yours.) So... here goes:

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= "Can I dream?" =

[time: some time in the "future" of my linear time perception...]

We are outside, it is night, Luna is full and very close to Earth, casting a beautiful sparkling silvery light, and holding a strong magnetic sway over our emotions. The trees are sparkling with a vibrant glow which has started to reveal itself on a global scale these days ever since Earth humans finally started reestablishing their connection with Gaia and began showing respect to her, especially at these ritualistic rave gatherings. A gentle wind blows through my hair, a massage from the Earth mother... ahhhhh...

There were no flyers. There is no promoter. There was no cost. We have taken these matters into our own hands. WE now have the power to create what we please. (Wait, on second thought, we've always had that power, what on Earth are we waiting for?...)

We approach the space where the party is to be held (outdoors). Even though it's outside, symbolically all are required to walk through a little "doorway" that is marked by two trees, which marks the entrance to the 'rave' space. I am greeted, not by some dominating security guard who molests me, but by a friendly, non-aggressive dude who is grinning broadly. "Welcome!", he says, as he appears to look through me rather than at me, observing something I do not see. He continues... "I see your light is shining bright tonight. May I offer you a bottle of water?" "No thanx, got some in my backpack." He nods. "Come in, have fun..." [The "dude", btw, is there to make sure that everybody is holding a decent vibe before entering (ie: not totally stressed-out, pissed-off, etc.) and if not, there is a way he can help raise one's vibe... that part of the vision is not revealed to me at this point, but I can tell it has something to do with crystals...]

When all have entered (around 100 people), we form a huge circle and join hands. I can feel the electricity in the air. This is the way things work now, for we have *finally* come to understand that UNITY DOESN'T HAPPEN JUST 'CUZ A FLYER SAYS IT WILL, it takes just a weeeee bit more than that, some effort even. And so we start the festivities off by creating our own vibe of joyful unity. (If you're from a group of folx who consider this too happy for your own tastes, that's cool, do your own thing... but these steps are necessary for what I envision.)

Spontaneously, everybody begins to let their voices roam free, allowing their bodies to *become* the vibrations passing through them. Within a couple of minutes, everybody is attuned to each other, and everybody is holding a certain pitch with their voices, adding their note to a huge, evolving chord. The vibrations created by this are intense, all sorts of harmonics can be perceived from the combination of tones... the pulsating frequencies energize us, we send love around the circle and into Earth, and the crickets who are also participating in the fun get louder and louder -- both man and insect, in harmony, using sound to open portals to other dimensions...

After a minute of beautiful silence, everybody grabs a drum or rattle or some sort of percussive instrument to get this event rolling before any techno-logy comes into play... FOR THIS IS AN EVENT IN WHICH EVERYBODY IS INVOLVED IN AN INTRICATE WEB OF ENERGY, NOT AN EVENT WHERE FEW DJs ARE TO HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT ABOVE ALL. All are honored for their individual talents. Just as before, spirit speaks spontaneously through us, and we begin freely banging and booming away... as the drumming intensifies, people can't hold back, they're cheering and howling and singing, starting to move around like animals. I am not sure how long this goes on for, because we are tranced-out and have lost our concepts of time. We reach the point where we are leaving our physical bodies there dancing on the grass while we travel elsewhere...

Suddenly, an electronic sound cuts through the natural tribal vibe, taking us by surprise. weeeooooooo<< Wait... was that a saw wave with flanger? weeeooooooo<< Yes! Followed by a driving, bouncing moog synth line! The first Communicator for this 'party', happily perched behind a synthesizer and a pair of turntables, has determined that the vibe is right for the proverbial shit to hit the fan...

Like a crack of thunder, BOOM, bass is heard, and the technoshamanic rave beat begins. [I am not sure what this music is, I have never heard anything like it before... I am assuming it evolved from our present techno, though.] It is immediate electronic madness, pure dancing dynamite, and we all lose ourselves in a sea of synthesized sounds. For hours on end, we dance ecstatically, tribally, blissfully, all-out energy. There appear to be certain vibe-carriers who are designated to keep the beat going throughout the night, but there are many turntables and various synthesizers set up, and anybody who wants to can hop in at will and add their own personal frequency to the sonic collage.

There are shooting stars abound, the crickets are beatmatching with the musicians, the trees continue to glow. We FOCUS THE ENERGY we create as we dance around by sending it through into the Earth, into the family we are dancing with, and by opening our heart chakras to truly feel the love vibration. There is without a doubt interdimensional communication taking place, and intergalactic consciousnesses are present for the celebration. People are getting lost in themselves, there is solo trancing, healing, and soul-searching which takes place on the higher planes, just as techno raves have always been prior to early 1996, but now the dancing is often interactive rather than a completely solo experience. Sometimes people play off of each other's energy as they dance, sometimes people dance in unison, sometimes they perform synchronized hand and body movements which literally generate energy in the air that can be seen as colors and streaks of light! We dance and dance... for a long time the vibe is so phat and so thick you could cut it with a knife. Our bodies are vibrating and tingling as we soak in the communication.

At around 4:00, "the dude" from the "doorway" requests that the music slows down. He does so because he sees the energy level is faltering, there are people who have become drained of their vibe and the flow of energy is weakening. So we form another energy circle, sound our voices some more, and we are refreshed. The music picks up again...

As signs are seen that the sun will soon rise, the music begins to slowly settle down. The communicators understand the importance of bringing us back down to Earth and grounding us as opposed to simply stopping the music. The birds have arrived, and they agree with how highly the crickets think of us, so they join our celebration in song. (As they munch on a few of the crickets for breakfast.) ; While the sun rises, there is light ambient music being played, and we all sit on the soft grass facing the sun, sending our greetings and love to our source of warmth. We meditate on the sensations we had throughout the night, and allow the healing energy to settle into our systems and flow through us. Finally, we disperse.

I clairaudiently hear a woman to my left who is about to ask me for a drink of water from the bottle in my backpack. Before she asks, I smile, hand her the bottle, and tell her to keep it because she seems a lot more thirsty than I am. A bit shocked by what just happened, she thanks me and makes a comment about Luna, and I respond by asking her if she remembers when Earth had two moons. She looks at me like I'm wacked. Ah yes, some things are slow to change... We both laugh, share a hug, and everybody heads back to the campsite to catch some z's and exchange massages.

What a night. What a party. What a concept. Wow...


            This message brought to you by way of the
               Department of Interdimensional Groov.
             Offered in love by Rainbow Freq, Randy.

(dat's pronounced "rainbow freak", and since this is my first time posting any of this shit to this list, i should indicate that the D.I.G. is a d/b/a of my company, R.F. is an artist name of the D.I.G., and the above names are trademarked... and no, i don't enjoy or get off on the concept of ownership and trademarks, but ya do what ya gotta do in this modern day material madness, y'know? laws stink... "love is the law.")

If you made it through this, thanx for reading it. I love you. Input welcome and encouraged.

Welp, there's the sun rising, eyes closing... see ya!

Smiles & Rainbows,

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          a d

ov Rainbow Freq <<
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