As the third golden sun rose over the ocean. Orbitee marveled at the Purple waves caressing the majestic emerald green sand under his feet. He could see the fins of a school of dolphins playing about 40 meters of the shore, and a translucent flock of cloud-dwellers way up in the crystal blue sky. Feeling the tribal vibe emanating from the drum circle, Orbitee skipped over to where the beat was coming from. Upon greeting him, they promptly offered Orbitee A drum and some communal ecstasy. Settling into the groove after about ten minutes Orbitee decided to start flashing his celebration strobe, with of course is a highly evolved bioluminescent light that emanates from the top of everyone's head. The elders say that it started to appear on the great ancient ravers as a part of evolution back in the 21st century.

Orbitee then started dwelling on what he had heard about the past, before the great raves had begun. He heard that things like racism, hate, poverty, injustice, violence and hunger still existed in the time before the great raves began. He could not even begin to fathom how these things existed, being that there are none of those things now. Orbitee began to feel sorry for these people in the past. How they could have lived in such a awful world is beyond comprehension.

Gazing back up into the sky Orbitee realized he must have been lost in his thoughts for a very long time. The sky was shimmering in it's twilight and Orbitee could see the moons rising over the horizon. Just as night rolled in he began to hear the city's mammoth vibe transponders being turned up for the nightly celebration of Unity and life.