"As mankind moves into the new millennium, we will progressively leave behind the inflated value of the form level, and look more towards expressions of the heart" (Celtic Renaissance by Alice Rigan, 1980)

This we must do, and especially people involved with house culture. Since evolution is the very nature of the house movement, the people involved with it must take more responsibility. We must demonstrate with our lives the type of caring, sharing community attitude that is now needed so much if this planet has any chance of getting back together as a communal family organism. House people should be among the most highly evolved, sensitive groups in the modern world today. Through use of certain sacred medicines, ancient or modern, people are beginning to see the way things really are. Whether Rave promoters know it or not, they provide a forum for mass personal and planetary change. Raves can be treated as shamanic workshops. However, this forum can so easily be destroyed by commercialists, capitalists, and sharpsters who were robbing banks before the raves. Our sacred time is often someones else's fast buck. If the people throwing events and playing the music are living old world lifestyles and laughing all the way to the bank, what does the new generation have to go on? It is up to us to teach by example. Treating raves as just another way to gain financial security or success will crush the movement from within. Here are two quotations from two articles out of the current nationwide Mixmag Magazine, concerning the much older house movement in Britain:

"Raves are not always run by music lovers. All too easily they become risk free, high return, black market operations. as the scene exploded, the money men moved in."

"No matter their loyalty to the scene, there aren't many ravers who are going to carry on getting abused by promoters and scam merchants."

It is obvious that with too many years of commercial raving, the ravers will start to become disillusioned. There is still a healthy underground house movement in Britain- it has nothing to do with paying 20 pounds to get in. Here in San Francisco we have the chance to start turning things around and giving some positive direction to the countless loyal ravers who come to these functions to dance and expand their minds. Our family depends on us. Our planet needs us. Rave culture must be continued by people who truly care and understand what is going on with regards to house culture and the evolution of mankind. We are dealing with people's minds and consciousness, not just their cash flow. we must maintain integrity and always always remember we have a responsibility to guide the next generation into the new millennium.

Mission Earth, 1993