From Mon May 5 11:43:02 1997
Subject: Fwd: -=Expand your mind=-


After transcending both, my body and mind recently in the depths and darkness of the deep underground called "rave" . Hearing one man's words ring out in the dead of night and become my own, after releasing every cell and nerve of my being to the beats and bass. I realized something about this level of existence that we are all sharing. No matter what race, creed, or religion, the ability and power of transcending all of the minor details. It is all about making that choice. It may be different in detail from anyone else's but essentially it's the very same decision. To go beyond what's on this level and accept things as they are and work with them in this dimension. Or to lead a life which works towards some higher place, always just our beyond reach. There is a path. Some of us know the way out of the darkness and some of us get lost in the density. There is always a choice. Everything is a choice. Whether you let something break you, or make you stronger. Whether you add it to your roster of experience or let it take away from you. It is a choice. That remains constant.

I want to borrow from perhaps among the most beautiful words ever spoken...."With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood." Those words spoken so many years ago ring true to us today. They can be applied to our scene. They can be applied to ourselves. They can be applied our existence. They must be applied to our future. I believe in the strengh of this generation. I believe that this thing called "rave" should be a direct reflection of life. That it is possible to take "plur" beyond the doors of an event. It all begins with you. The future is uncertain for us.

Let's face it, all predictions, prophecies, and superstitions point toward the end of the world as we know it in a few short years. I too believe that. The world as we know it has to end. It has to change. So is this concept called "raving" and "plur" to be a drug infested epidemic or a model for our future. That it's time to put aside our differences and focus on what we all have in common. Beyond "rave". Technology is at the forefront of our generation, the face of global communication is changing. We can make it a global link, take advantage of our techno-babied generation or we can follow in our fore-father's footsteps and leave another generation lost. Technology too is at the center of our scene, once again a microcosm.

Within the scene some of us have already made the choice to transcend out of "rave" and into our everyday world and apply that same philosophy to our lives and begin making a difference. The time has come to realize our futures. I too have a dream......

Love ~~~amy~~~

The quote was taken from a speech given on August 28th 1963, by Martin Luther King jr. " I have a dream...." for a look at the complete speech delivered by Dr.King chekk out Free at Last: "I Have a Dream" & Annotations. Also chekk out my website YOU HAVE TRANSCENDED