From: (Noah Raford)
Subject: Dance for tommorow
Date: 14 Oct 1995 16:57:28 -0600
Organization: Shaman Exchange

For me, raving has probably been one of the single-most influential and important things in my life. It brings me up when I'm down, opens my mind to new people and lifestyles, promotes a general feelings of happiness and grooviness, and provides a place where people from all walks of life can forget their problems and differences and dance and have a good time. It has introduced me to some of the most creative, intelligent, funny, caring, soulful, friendly and just plain awesome people on the planet. And I know I'm not alone.

So I wonder, if raving can bring this about in me and others, what can it do for the world? Obviously not everyone is going to like house and techno. That's not the point I'm trying to make. If raves can bring about PLUR in total strangers, helping to smash the walls of isolation and ignorance, it stands as a perfect example of how the world -could- be. The potential, energy and technology is here to bring about sweeping global change. The age old dream of one world, united in brother hood and peace, may not be far over the horizon. It's enough to give me hope and overlook the uncaring, racist, selfish politics that seem to dominate popular culture and society. "Who cares about tommorow as long as I get mine?" is something I see all to frequently. And frankly, it all gets to much for me sometimes. Occasionally I'm overwhelmed and teeter on the verge of despair. But consistantly I can turn to the music, the friends (those I've both met and those I've yet to meet), the dance and the vibe. And consistantly, it lifts my spirits and renews my hope. If it can do it to me, it can do it for the world.

Imagine, a world full of friends instead of enemies, smiles instead of frowns. If we concentrated on what really matters, all this bullshit will just evaporate. Can we do it? I don't see as we have any choice. It's an inevability, whether we bring it about or it happens in 1000 years. But 1000 years is a long time to wait and I probably won't be around then. And frankly, I want to see it happen within my lifetime! We -can- do it, folks. We can do it.

Live, Love, Rave