What i'm in this for (and I think I speak for at least a few others beyond myself) is not just one more music scene, not just one more 'socio-cultural phenomenon' to add to the list;

In 'RAVE', I see some of the essential steps to:

a new civilization.

Let them laugh all they want, let the others borrow our intent and dilute it into the latest promotional gimmickery. That's right, we're just a bunch of dumb kids, we havn't gone through the proper channels, studied at the feet of the authorised masters, paid our dues to the Powers that Be. We're naive, undisciplined, unschooled and improper. But we've got something special going for us:



Sure it sounds a little ambitious. And nothing guarantees our success. On the other hand, what else is there to do? Isn't that what we came here for in the first place?

Doesn't take much to see that this world has been seriously FUCKED for a long, long time. Let's look in our medicine bag/playkit ...


All infused with the SPIRIT of LOVE and service, of course! For any of you in this with me, I think I state the obvious when I say this ain't gonna be an easy one. Just redeeming the word 'rave' is already an uphill struggle. Some otherhasnamusses out there have done a pretty good job of promoting the notion that raving has nothing to do with learning. They just want us to have fun...maybe so we don't think too much about what we're doing...because then

WE MIGHT REALIZE THAT WE'VE STUMBLED ONTO THE SECRET OF THE AGES!!! and actually start doing something with it."

This is why I shall never stop raving, you dont give up the one thing that you have grown to love most when the times turn bad, there was once a time when the Sydney scene gave & gave & gave to us, so much so that we began to neglect our extreme luck, we took for granted the fact that we were the only ones who were truely living life to the ultimate.

So now the time has come, the fakes and the true believers will become obvious, if we fail to reserect that what we once had, then we will have lost the greatest gift we have ever known.

****@extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU (****** ******), Sydney Australia, 6 Feb 1994