From: (Noah Raford)
Subject: Unity
Date: 4 Nov 1995 20:28:51 -0700

Togetherness, freindship, understanding, tolerance, diversity, heart beat, breath, oneness, Absolute, dissolving of boundaries, psychedelic, death of ego, selfless, smiles, dance, "hard beats for hard times", groove, brothers and sisters, human, love, pain, laugh, cry, rhythm, beat, melody, bass, jump, wave, float, crash, soar, sacred, thankfullness, inspiration, timelessness, eternity, mellow, vibes, rolling bodies, white teeth, two feet, chaos, order, cosmos, universal, unending, unbeginning, untamed, wild, freedom, fresh, state of mind, youth, birth, death, age, Earth, Sky, organic, alien, evolution, creation, blood flows through us all...


Noah the Prodigal Dolphin Psychonaut

From: (Noah Raford)
Subject: Ancestral grooves
Date: 4 Nov 1995 20:40:13 -0700

There are certain actions and feelings that strike a deep chord in the human soul. Like a key to our psyche, they open into vast, familiar (even if unknown) territories and inner landscapes. These landscapes have been tediously constructed and solidified over the five or six million years that humans have been humans. Over countless generations, certain activities and circumstances remained central to the human experience. Perhaps they are coded in our genetic structure, perhaps they're ingrained in our nervous systems or instinctual library. Or perhaps they even exist as realms independant of humans and only through certain gateways can we access them.

Simple triggers in daily experience may lead to extreme reactions based on millions of years of shared experience. Things such as dancing, staring into a fire, falling and making love, etc. Things as old as the first humans, deeper than any single human's experience. And with each trigger, with each visitor to these ancient realms, you leave a little something. Like adding a grain of sand, every time a human ventures through this shared dimension, they add as well as recieve something. So while these realms are both ancient and defined, they are also continuously growing, changing and evolving. They are constantly redefining themselves at the edges. So dance, children of the night. Dance and be confident in our shared ancestry. Dance the dance of a billion billion dancers.

The thing with techno music is that it hooks us humans into such a vast, primordial experiential landscape that it can encompass a HUGE spectrum of feelings, reactions and impressions. Unlike other music, where different people are moved in the same emotive direction, you can have a warehouse full of people, each having a different experience. Forom the spiritual, tribal, funky, high energy parties to the soothing, healing beats of trance. It's all there. We have our ancestors to thank for that!


Noah the Extradimensional Passion Dancers