From: (Wayne E. Barlow)
Date: 30 Dec 1994 22:17:11 GMT (julio m darcy) writes:
The true meaning of a rave, and of ravers cannot be captured through images, nor through descriptions. It is a feeling, only an aura of empathy can exemplify what the movement is about. Yesterday a friend came to me, and told me about a rave she had gone to, and how awesome it had been. Obviously I was interested in knowing what she had done, and hearing about the awesome time she had experienced.

When my friend told me about the rave, all she mentioned were the good light seetings, good music, cheap water, and funky looking people. "But what about the people?", that's what I wanted to know, she then told me that most of them had been very rude, but that's because almost everybody had been tripping. Hum... FAKE PEOPLE, that's what I call anybody who goes to a party like this and calls it a rave.

So far I'm with you.

Raves are not about music, lightning, cheap water, or anything of the sort.

You lose me here. Rave has everything to do with music and dancing *and* people. The music and the lights and the dancing establish the vibe which is condusive to the shared experience, the empathy.

Raves are about PEOPLE, all kinds of people, everybody being equal for one night, caring for each other, and nobody being above anyone else. This is one of the reasons why I love the term raver because it denotes a common vibe, and it shows a unity that is acquired through feelings; not through good music, nor cheap water.

Sorry, but I disagree. The music is the joining element. It is the key ingredient to producing the "common vibe". "Raver" was coined because of the style of dancing, raving. To disassociate rave from music and dancing is to completely ignore its roots, its energy and everything it is about.

The true "raver test" is one where there are no questions, and the only correct answer is "people". My friend was wrong, she never went to a rave, if she had gone to one she would have only mentioned the people she met. Raves are a not a party, they are the celebration of a common movement, which roots have evolved around us, and keep growing through us. Don't treat raves as a party for then you will make the same mistake that my friend made.

The rave scene has an enourmous potential, and the reason why is because it's based on the idea of LOVE.

Yes, love is *another* ingredient. But you are leaving too much out when you say rave is not about music and dancing.

Ravers have the power to touch people in a good way. Knowledge is a powerful tool for improving life, but LOVE is what life is about.

To you. And to others it is about being happy and love often generates thoses feelings (and the other way around).

If ravers everywhere used the empathy that we have in us, then we would make everybody in this world aware of our generation.

But the empathy is born from the common ingredient - music and dancing.

Please understand, I do not disagree with what you have said. I just feel that you are not giving the music and dancing the credit it deserves.