Date: 21 Sep 1995 17:34:01 -0400

11 Things (YOU) can do to support a healthy scene. . .

  1. Leave your attitudes at the door!
  2. Look at the person next to you and SMILE!
  3. Realize you are (NOT) the center of the universe
  4. Realize, though, (YOU) can change things.
  5. Exploit Technology
  6. Learn (YOUR) Culture!
  7. Learn (Somebody Else's Culture)
  8. Support (Progressive) Radio, Artists and Labels!
  9. Support Independent Media!
  10. Go to a club/party (YOU) wouldn't normally go to.

From your friends at Primary, KC & Sunrise Gang, Pandemonium!, Mission Control and all the people at URB Magazine!

From: (Ian Marshall)
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 1995 23:39:27 GMT
Organization: York University, Ontario, Canada


we create or own scene. the images we portray as we go in to a rave are what get carried out through the party. if you still carry out the traditions of saying hi!, making eye contact, offering water to someone, telling people thay are beautiful, 'cuz we all are, no matter what is on the outside, handing out candy, all in all just portaying a positive vibe it will catch on. it is not only the people that don't feel PLUR in their hearts and souls that are bringing the scene down, it is all of us. if you look for the bad things you will find them, if you don't do anything to change them they will stay the same. don't talk of the bad things DO the good things that make the scene what it is.