Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 00:29:06 -0800
From: (Greg McCann)
Subject: All Together Now

We walked out to the point on a dark trail through the grass, past a brightly lit factory with starkly surreal smokestacks stretching into the night sky. A group of happy energetic ravers were dancing to the music, sitting around the fire keeping warm and exploring our little peninsula. The tide was high when we got there, so the point that I remembered being a couple hundred feet wide was just a narrow finger of land surrounded by dark waves, with us in the middle dancing.

The lights of the city shone like jewels in the night, with the Bay Bridge gleaming like a string of pearls stretching off into the distance.

As the night passed, we became aware of the gentle and powerful planetary rhythms. The earth, sun, and moon did their eternal dance and we danced to our own rhythms as the waves rolled into the shore and the tide slowly receded, exposing the wet slippery rocks that were under water at the start of the evening. The planet turned, the night passed, and the sun slowly rose in the east, painting the sky with its approach. A fiery red glow turned to gold as the sky grew brighter and the colors spread across the sky welcoming us to a new day.

We cleaned up the site and gave hugs and smiles to everyone as the world reawakened from its sleep.

As I returned to the car, I became aware of another rhythm. The fields which were dry and brown at the end of last summer were being renewed again in the growing warmth of the approaching spring. Beautiful golden poppies reflected the golden light of the sun and the fragrant fennel plants were sprouting new growth even as the last of last season's seeds, dry and brown, still clung to the old stalks.

When the five of us, plus another friend who needed a ride got back to the car, we tensed as we were approached by a cop. "What's up?", he asked. "Just watching the sunrise", I said.