Free Form Funk and a Whole Lotta Love

When the sun comes up, beaming
golden rays of energy, you just have to smile.
When the funky beats become carrier waves
for unrelenting love, you just have to move.
When you see a happy face on a stranger,
and they're suddenly your friend,
one has no option but laughter.

When you realize tomorrow has become
today, and the sun breaks over the horizon,
there is little to do but explode.
When you just sit down, determined
to catch your breath, and electric joy runs
down your back, before you what happened,
you're dancing again.

When above all else, you are free to be just who
you are, dynamic self expression becomes the norm.
When you realize the person dancing next to you embodies
everything you used to fear, and they flash you a smile,
all you want to do is hug them and grin like Big Bird.

When you wonder what it's all about,
and realize we may have stumbled upon the secret
of the ages, the cosmos becomes an entirely less frightening place.
When your next store neighbor is no longer source
for suspicion, but source for revelry,
you know you're onto something special.

Keep the rave rolling!

From: (Noah Raford)
Date: 14 Dec 1995 18:56:08 -0700