Pray to the Moon,
When She is rounde,
Luck with you,
shall then abounde,
What ever you seek for,
Shall be founde,
In Sea, or Sky, or Solid Grounde

               - traditional wiccan rhyme

The universe operates on two governing principles,
one is Reason,
the other is Rhyme
which is very close to rhythm

Our culture is fixated on Reason,
The Sea is fixated on Rhyme,

We arrive, drive through the town and out to the cool and the dark. I find the appropriate hidden turn off and discover that there are quite a few cars already at the site, though it isn't overcrowded. I find a good place to park, take out my back-pack and my new instrument, a digeridoo and start the descent of the cliff The night is beautiful, the Moon is shining in a clear sky, the reflection on the sea is almost otherworldly. This is the full moon before the Solstice, the most powerful full moon of the year. As far as one's ability to trance and to "bridge the worlds" this is a most auspicious time. Perhaps that is why a certain Kind Soul choose this time to bless several of us with a drop or two of an absolute sacrement

The beach was in full effect, It was about 3:15 when the music started,
Spun at the helm, starts off with some ambient music to set the tone and to dissapate some of the alcohol energy that was prominant. As he goes along I take some moments out to walk along the beach, the ultimate chill-out room, I go over by the cliff and sit up on the rocks playing my didgery-do to the surf. As the music picks up, I decide that it's time to dance but as I do go back over to the speakers, I began to experience the full on rush. I climbed up out of the beach and walked along the the top of the cliff, the top had been tilled and planted with some form of leafy green vegetable. The whole country side was bathed in moonlight and it gave a silvery sheen to the ground and the plants. As I walked closer to the edge I looked out and saw the ocean in all it's magnificent beauty and power. Initially, it was frightening, (I was up pretty high, I could look out for miles and the sea was so vast and some of the waves off shore were easily about 30 feet in hight) as I watched, I became less afraid and realized the the sea has a story to tell and a song to sing, and if you listen carefully you can hear it. I grew bolder and went out to the very edge of the cliff, to a little power spot "between the worlds" it jutted out and was not more than 12 feet wide but it provided a place to stand or sit where you could see all of panther beach below on one side and all of the coast on the other. As I looked down on the revellers and looked out into the sea, I began to realize that what we were doing was not particularly new at all but, in actuality it is _very_ old, creatures, especially sea creatures are very linked to the lunar cycle, and at the full moon there is more activity then at any other time. As I watched the incessant approach of the waves, I finally understood about music and rhythm, House music in particular. We as a species have a long way to go when it comes to rhythm, things like raving and trance dancing are just at the gate of remembrance so to speak. The sea and the creatures that inhabit her are far more "with it" when it comes to this fact of life. At one point when Tracy had come on, her playing was perfectly in sync with the rhythm of the approaching waves that were pounding the coast for miles in both directions, the sound of the music blended with the sound of the waves like an intricate fractal, I could feel the energy on the beach, someone screamed and then I realized the lesson that our mother, the sea, was trying to tell us.

For the sea, all there is, is Rhythm, it is the governing principle of ocean life, the currents and the tides are rhythmic and repetitive, although the song changes from hour to hour, month to month, season to season, eon to eon. When we rave for 4, 5 or 8 hours we simulate something that has been going on in the sea for millions of years, it will continue to go on for millions of years more even though we have to stop and do things like electronic funds transactions and building Web sites, there is always a Full Moon Rave at the seashore whether we bring our sound boxes or not. The sea calls to us and invites us to return to the perpetual party, to the perpetual rhythm of her song, for some of us, (dolphins, whales) the call was so inviting that we did return and remerged our lives with her's, we forgot what it was to "build" and make tools and reverted back to the Vibe. As I stood up there I could see whole weather systems come in from off shore, great clouds of moisture coupled with large wind-swept waves would roll in to the beach and the Vibe of the beach would get moist and soggy and wet, the music would even change, but eventually it would drain out and and the Vibe would change again, it made me wonder about mood and temperment and Vibe and how much of this is generated by us or are we just responding to greater natural forces. Humans are so vain, we think that because we are on the top of the food chain that that is tantamount to divinity, but it is not. As I sat up on the cliff, it was almost as if the wild plants and rocks and the very shore around me began to speak, but not in words, more like a type of Jazz (or at least what Jazz is an attempt at), The conversation was sorta like:

"Hey bro, you finally come round to hang huh?"
"Those be your people down there? That's kool, they seem kool."
"Yeah we was checkin you all out, you be the new plankton in these parts?"
"Say what? You not plankton? Yeah, well you be usin that phospholuminescent shit, we figured you be plankton."
"Yeah, that little sista down there, who she be?"
"Trace-E? oh oh Tracy"
"Yeah, she be catchin the groove now... pretty kool, yeah she got it now..."
"we be tryin to tell your tribe that for a while now good thing your gettin it."

I had my digeridoo with me, the locals said:

"Can you Play?"
"you Play, can you Play?"
I make a feeble attempt at playing my Dige, the sound resonates with the morning sunrise.
"Yeah, that's kool, you`ll get it" (being kind :)
"OK we Play now..."

I listen to the sound of crashing waves, flying insects and calling birds and realize that all of life vibrates in around and through us, Tracy is throwing down some serious beats below on the beach, I wonder if she realizes how tuned in she really is. Anyone can learn to be a DJ, many can become great and accomplished but very few can gain the ability to set aside their Ego and let Creation play through them, that what makes a DJ into a Shaman or Shamaness :)

As I bid fairwell to my plant friends they invited me back,
"Don't worry, we'll be here tomorrow and the next day, century and millenium. Party every night"

If this is an indication of the summer to come it will be a good one. Tracy, who played for 4 hours straight has come into her own and has shown the way for many of us. The Wicked boys should be proud of their protege.


Geoff White - Thu, 15 June 1995

From: wrightjp@ucsub.Colorado.EDU (WRIGHT JACOB PHILIP)
Date: 21 Jun 1995 04:29:29 GMT
Subject: Full_Moon_Vibe


This was an experience beyond description really... I forgot all my little difficulties with the people around me and my material problems. From meeting people to dancing to goofing around in the sea to talking on the clifftop: it combines communication, joy, playfulness and spirituality.
I'll be back some day.