The Dance, From Within

The call from afar
awakes the spirit within.
To move, to form
an unexplained beauty
of a lifetime from
the depths of existence.

It stirs, and climbs,
longer and forever
in a frenzied grace.
One liquid movement
a tale is told.

The child is awoken.
We weave her form
with every step, every dance.
Like a seedling reaching for the light.

Unwinding, all is unleashed
a perfect love.
A soul, one that is us all.

We are the stars. The moon high,
the sun beckoning us to rest,
the beat continuing forever.
In everything.

We are the Dance.
It calls us from within.....

Hope you all enjoyed that! I wrote it after a VERY amazing Vortex rave (Let there be light) in cape town, south africa. Any comments would be appreciated!
Blessed be *PLUR*
Maya*indigo baby*

From: (Jonathan Berelowitz)
Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 15:19:48