Date: 10 Apr 1995 01:58:06 GMT

What a beautiful day it is here in Eugene 4-9-95! The sun is shining almost as brightly as the smiles on the faces of the people who were hitting their groove at the Tribe party last evening. What a _______ experience. (I need to have someone fill in the blank. There needs to be a new word added to the english language that will describe how amazing last night was. When I try to describe it I lose all the words and can only resort to making noises of an extremely joyous and x-tatic nature.) Nothing feels quite so good as going to a party being surounded by all the beautiful people you love and then dancing till your body gives out and then dancing some more. ZOWIE! I feel soooooo good! Don't you love it when the party ends (although I wish this one wouldn't have) and you walk out into the real world of sunshine and trees bathed in kaleidescope colors feeling sooooo good but so exhausted and you start thinking about how much fun you had and all of the beautiful smiles you shared with your friends. Then I see people headed off to church dressed in their Sunday best and I just have to smile because I know that last night on the dance floor I felt closer to "god" (meaning that point of joy, love, and unity) than their church with all its doctines and double standards will ever bring them. Do you know this feeling? Will someone please give me the words to describe it so I can explain it to all my friends who I'm trying to get to understand why the beat drives me so. I wish I could send out hugs and kisses to everyone over this crazeeee technological apparatus to anyone and everyone who is listening to my voice all across this great huge world. But here's to bridging any gaps! Celebrate in the sun the beauty that surrounds you. Ta ta people! XOXOXOXOXOXO Kick up your heels and dance!!!!!

P.S. Have you told someone that you love them today? Tell your friends exactly how beautiful they are. They'll dig it!