Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 14:49:15 -0400

Approaching "the spot", walking so fast you might be floating.
The thumping of the music in tune with the beat of your heart.
The excitement of knowing, the thumping is growing, louder and louder, and...
You're going to a rave!
Like a child with your mischievious grin,
Pig tails flowing in the wind.
Toys in pocket, money in hand,
Now it is just around the bend.
Checking your watch every minute,
To make sure that you have waited long enough,
Like when you were eight,
Holding your mother's hand
On your way to Disneyland.
Prepared to sweat, prepared to dance,
Whatever else is just by chance.

Now you're in and people everywhere.
Distorted visions and laser lights,
Smiling faces, amazing sights.
The music lifts you off the ground,
Who are these faces from different places?
You never, ever, want to leave.
What if it was like this everywhere,
What if...
You never went to a rave?
I say, you may as well just dig your grave!
:) keep smilin!!!!!

Cary '95