Date: Fri, 11 Jun 93 18:20:17 PDT
From: (Geoff White)
Subject: Your Sister's House

If there is such a thing as heaven, I hope it is run by the same beautiful group of Women who run Your Sister's House. I had the BEST time!! It was really FUN! I felt so supported, inspired, taken care of, nurtured, and challenged. Even the sign that said "Please wash your dish and silverware (Mom's gone, help your sister)" Was inspiring for me as a male, who can all to easily fall into seeing women areound me as "mom". The energy wes definitely feminine, powerful but very friendly and loving. YSH could become the hatching ground for future Rave Goddesses(tm) and maybe some Rave Gods(tm) can receive a much needed education on how to live with, love and support, powerful, independent, women.

I can't wait for next Thursday!

OH and I just gotta say that DJ DRC kicked some SERIOUS butt at YSH last night, By 1:30 the vibe was in full and complete effect, I felt incredibly free to dance anyway I wanted to, I only saw one Shirtless Man(tm) type the whole night and he seemed pretty nervous! unfortunately I didn't hear the end of DRC's set 'cause I had to go help out at Challenge, MoonPup's "house party", which was really neat, In fact it was so TOTALLY cool to go to some alternative "house party" type events which were so much more cozy than the big Raves, (Which I love for different reasons)


Everyone should check out YSH at least once, but don't bum rush It and make it crowded and spoil it, ya know!