From: (John Draper)
Subject: WICKED Weekend WICKED Weekend

So, I go and check my Email, only to learn that "Ravers in Wonderland" got cancelled. Oh! Darn... The only thing going (And a tough one to beat) is WICKED at 1015 Folsom, and the price cannot be beat... It's FREE. This was touted as a "Make up" party to make up for the fiasco New Years, and the last WICKED, which some people say were not the typical WICKED parties.

Naturally, we correctly assumed that it was going to be packed, and it was. We get there about 10:30 pm (Early for WICKED standards) and already, there was a line. Although it was reasonably short, there was no delays in getting in the door, although being 21+, the door people had to check ID's.

I walk in, and learn that only the downstairs area was open, and things were getting set up in the main room. The front room was used as the chill room, and at the same time, in the upstairs front section, a private party was in progress.

There were perhaps 40 people or so, when I entered, but it was filling fast. So, after stretching, in preparation for dancing, I head on downstairs in the basement to hear Harry Who kick things off, to start dancing my first set. After a short "warm up" I decided to schmooze around, and socialize for a while until the energy level started to pick up. Say!! whatever happened to all the pillows that used to be at 1015 Folsom? I only saw two of them!!

About half hour later, the main room opens up, and Galen was spinning. Great!! So I pick my favorite spot, and started to "Get down" to Galens set. As usual, his variaty was brilliant, and he took me on a pleasant and unexpected trip. By about this time, there were about a hundred people on the main dance floor.

Later on, Robbie Hardkiss did a live set, and deviated from the usual housey sounds into some rather complicated beats, but it made for some interesting dancing.

Usually, when I'm out there dancing, and I get a break in the beat, I'll usually leave if I've been dancing for several hours, so I went back downstairs to learn that Markie Mark was behind the turntables, spinning some higher energy trances than upstairs, so I stayed down in the basement (dispite the humididity and heat), and danced a considerable portion of Markie's set.

Didn't see quite that many SFRavers as I had expected, but the usual dedicated crew were always there. Hi to Bill and Gaby and all the rest...

Eventually, there was a short break from the Boom Boom, and I figured that I should think about cooling down. I head upstairs and do a little exploring, until I realized I was in that other private party.

I quickly leave, and head down in the main room. HardKiss had just finished his set, and I think Josh went on next in the main room.

I decided to wait until Josh's set develops, and head back downstairs to dance to Markies set. By about this time, every surface in the basement was soaking wet, and lo and behold, I see madison. Actually, she saw me first and hugged and kissed me to death.... Man! Can she dance...

Markie's set was reaching critical mass, as people were cheering and shouting as Markie was taking us through all beat possibilities. WOW! dispite the fans, it was sweltering down there, but I just couldn't possibly leave until Markie let me go. Eventually he did, and I head back upstairs soaking wet. As Willy Wong pointed out, I wear as little as possible when getting down in hot sweltering places. But, lets be practical!!

Upstairs, Garth had just gotten on, and he put me into a most incredable trance state of mind. I felt as I was dancing, that everything was floating and moving in perfect harmony. As one looked around, there were people packed on the stage, up in the balcony, all dancing like there was no tommorrow. Good old 1015 Folsom was simply "Bouncing" around big time.

Things were so packed, that security opened a few alternate doors, to make it easy for people to get around. I would estimate about 700 mad raving lunitics were getting down and wicked at 1015.

Garth brilliantly guided my trance state from one musical space to another. I just couldn't stop dancing, so I danced Garth's entire set, perhaps stopping no more then 2 - 3 minutes for water break, and/or stretching as the need arose.

After Garth, Mark farina went on. I left the dance floor until Mark had a chance to develop his set, and headed by the front door to cool off and schmoose for a while. I wanted this to be the longest chill period, as it was about 5:30 am by this time.

After about a 20 minute break from dancing (Kinda long for me), I head back to the main room to check on Mark. I was somewhat dissapointed in what his set was developing into, so I head back downstairs to discover that Jeno was literally GETTING OFF. I quickly run upstairs to tell Craig and Denese that Jeno was on downstairs.

Again, I fell into a very pleasant floating trance state of mind. Jeno took me on a most pleasant trip, playing a large variaty of housey trancey material.

I head upstairs to cool off again, and discover that Mark finally developed his set. Towards the end of his set, he went into some really slow dub stuff.

Heading downstairs, I finished dancing Jeno's set until closing time. When Jeno stopped, I head back upstairs, the daylight shining through the skylight, and people walking around in a daze.

So, finishes yet another fine (And free) edition of WICKED....

Till next time...
C. Crunch