What I Love About Raves

Date: 20 Jan 1995 00:41:16 -0500
From: gsmith@inforamp.net (Greg Smith aka Keebler)

In response to the overwhelming negativity.. of a certain netraver.. (prozac mabye?) I have decided to post what I love about raving!

I love...
Hardcore ravers.. (who keep the scene alive)...
Rave Girls. (Well.. 'cept for crystal heads) ...
Going to Union station on a Saturday night at about 8 and hanging out with friends... (pre party)...
Vick Vaporub!
shuttle bus rides to parties..
People who give stuff out...
Meeting new and interesting people..
That approving look you get from someone when your going mental..
Those Big-Assed Dr. Seuse hats..
Meeting your raver pals you haven't seen for a while...
sober ravers that are really into it..
baked ravers that are really into it..
Lego Bras.. (G9 i know your not reading this.. but I had to say it..)
The smiles you get just while navigating a crowd at any party.
driving to raves with your whole crew.. always fun!
Sitting in a chill-out room (this works best after ingesting any hallucinagen) and listening to rave chatter...
smart drinks..
garden chains..
hugs... espeacilly unprovoked ones!
Live performences by Electronic artists...
People who dance all night...
Sunrise at an outdoor party..
Furry toilet seat covers as hats..
first outdoor party of the year..
DJ's who sacrifice lots of $$$ to help us (the ravers) have a great time.
Promoters who work hard to entertain us..
Rotterdam,Jungle,Trance,Gabber,House,Proggy House,Breakbeats,Ambient,Trip-Hop.. the MUSIC!
Platform Shoes...

And most importantly the fundamental.. Peace Love Unity & Respect that all of us netravers try to bring into our everyday lives..

My advice to the nasty guy who posted about 45 things he HATES about raves is to...

Turn that frown :( UpsideDown :) and enjoy what the scene has to offer (LOTS)


Trade his pumas in for big black boots.. and his rave threads in for a black cape and become one of those goths.. he'd really fit in with that scene he could bitch about everything and his peers would appreciate his negativity..

From: kaloukalou@aol.com (KaLouKaLou)

i like nice people for a change, uninhibited people. people with nice feeling hands and hair. A nice girl i met in dallas that was very soft and had a nice navel piercing.

From: vkhurana@uoguelph.ca (Vijay Khurana)

Glowing teeth under fluorescent lights!

From: green451@futures.wharton.upenn.edu (Christopher Green)

- Standing in line to get in, listening to the music pounding, seeing everyone around me nodding along to the beat and grinning widely
- When a rising acid line sends the crowd into conniptions
- When a thunderous beat is layed over that same acid line...look out! :)
- Getting smiles just for letting yourself go
- People who dance with glowsticks
- Hearing that "boom" when Frankie Bones opens his set with "Bang the Box" (goose bumps every time!)
- The smell of baby powder
- People who pass water around
- When security doesn't take my water
- Dancing around backpack piles
- People shouting out loud to a good tune, cuz you can only dance so hard!
- Introducing newcomers to the scene and watching them have a blast
- Using whistles to hype the crowd up
- "Facing off" with someone dancing, and getting a smile
- Basically getting a smile anytime! :)
- Girls carrying Elmo dolls
- Dancing in front of a massive speaker stack, and watching your shirt flutter with every beat
- Walking out of a dusty warehouse at 8:00 am, feeling the sun on your face, and looking up at a clear blue sky...that's the best

From: monowacz@unixg.ubc.ca (Blak Squirrel)

>>>Monk adds:
Fun fur.
The guys wearing 6-12 inch platforms.
People offering you water when you really need it.
People who watch out for you when you're rushing too hard.
Watching people who are just amazing dancers.

Other than that I think that you pretty much covered it all.

From: green451@futures.wharton.upenn.edu (Christopher Green)

All right, I've got some more:

- When a place is empty at the start of a party but there's still people on the floor dancing like mad
- Really fast white strobes for hardcore/gabber tunes - totally mental!
- Getting about a million goose bumps the moment before a song absolutely explodes with energy
- Sweating through all your clothes (I know I've had a good time then :)
- Girls with crop cuts and eyebrow rings
- That cold rush when you put Vap-o-rub on your face
- People who bring in backpacks full of "rave goodies" (lollipops, slide whistles, pixie sticks, etc)
- Looking around the floor when you're dancing and knowing that everyone of those people is having as much fun as you

From: awinick@acs.ryerson.ca (Adam Winick - TRET/W95)

Hey Keebler, Digital Kid rushin atya
What I love about raves is the fact that they exist:

-the fact that there's people out there willing to take the time to make a place for us that would otherwise exist in our dreams. Therefore total respects out to all the rave promotions in the world. Keep us rushing, we need you in our lives.

-as well I love the people, the people are what really make the dream world seem more real because you can actually reach out and touch their hands and they let you know that these twelve to twenty hours are really happening, this gathering is really a cyber parade of love and unity and technology

-total respects out to all the DJ's no matter if they spin wicked or average sets, I think they all deserve uch of our love because they have the guts to gather tracks and mix them in an order and manipulate them in way that they hope the crowd will respond to. And I haven't seen a crowd yet that totally didn't respond to a DJ or Live PA

-Atmospheric creations that dance on the lazer created horizon on the inside of each and every one of our hearts and minds synthesized with sounds of 15Hz to 25,000Hz and all the sound colour in between keep us coming back for the next gathering of the cyber culture in one place at one time to bring the future of technology closer to reality 'cause God knows we can't wait anymore, is why there's RAVE

From: paul@xtcity.demon.co.uk (paul)

eres mine peeps...

* getting a head massage when ya luvdup ta fuk
* standing arms aloft when the beats drop out,trying to feel the laser beams
* having a sexy friend trickle cooling water out of their mouths all over ya back
* going steamy to a fave toon and catching someones eye across a crowded club whos feeling the same then locking into each other with big grins for that toon while the rest of the club just seems to disappear.
* ditto most of the stuff all the other peeps have said in this thread.

From: mjv94@ecs.soton.ac.uk (Matt J Vinall)

* dancing like a bastard for hours on end after meeting billy
* smiling your arse off, and have some sexy girl come up to you saying:

"fucking hell, man, what have you taken, you must be the happiest guy in the club"

* walking back afterwards - a walk that should normally take about one and a half hours, but you do it in 35 minutes without even trying!

From: towdfwag@aol.com (Towdfwag)

the way that about 3 weeks after the rave, you hear a similar mix, etc at a club, in the car, at a party , etc and you get this nice feeling that reminds you of the way that the bass makes the hair on your arms vibrate. Or you remember how nice the laser looked when it went over your head and seemed to go on forever.....

From: green451@futures.wharton.upenn.edu (Christopher Green)

Sometimes if it's a particular song I know, that feeling can carry on a lot longer than 3 weeks. :)