From: (Freddie Bell) Subject: Sub-culture x-over!
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 1995 09:04:08
Summary: 2 sub-cultures meet in Cape Town

On Saturday, March 18 1995, the last gathering of the 'Summer of Love' festival has held outdoors about 60 kms North of Cape Town, on a dusty and rocky area right next to the sea. From here the full profile of the Table Mountain range can be seen accross Table Bay. The gathering was organized by the Earth People. They invited Dj's to play techno from 11:00pm so they could expose themselves to Rave Culture and expose us to New Age Culture. New Ager's mostly spectated, but also joined in occasionally. An amazing time was had. It was 2 days prior to a most signifacant Equinox. This morning, March 21, 1995, is the day the Mayans predicted that the human race would move from the 'age of belief' to the 'age of knowledge'. Ravers and Earth People alike came together and learned about each others values. This was a unique event as often Rave and New Age people do not go to each other events en masse. Things are really happening on the Southern tip of Africa!